Scholarships Program 

Our Scholarships Program provides financial support for post-secondary education. The criteria for recipients do not focus solely on academic standing but rather on life achievement and goals in the face of difficult life situations.

Students need scholarships more than ever! 

Although COVID-19 has affected us all, vulnerable youth now face an even more uncertain future.

The disruption of part-time and summer employment has pushed the hope of post-secondary education beyond reach for students who are already working hard to overcome financial hardship while finishing high school.

In order to present graduates who deserve and need it the most with these Scholarships, we need your help. Your support will allow graduates to use these awarded funds toward their tuition and the upfront costs of a post-secondary education.

Together, we will overcome COVID-19. Hopefully, its impact will be relatively short-lived for most of us. For students at risk during this pivotal moment in their academic pursuits, the effects of COVID-19 could last a lifetime. Funding the 12 Future Fund Scholarships will give these students the hope of a better future!

Together, we can make a difference.

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Why do our scholarships exist?

  • The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington believes in equal access to post-secondary education. Many youth in our community face barriers, such as lack of financial resources or mental health support, that prevent them from realizing their potential through education.

Future Fund 2015

What do we do?

  • We provide annual scholarships to remove some of the barriers for youth. Currently there are five annual scholarships (Future Fund, Cargill, Promoli, Tait and new in 2020 Paul Hammond)
  • Our Scholarships Program recognizes the achievement of students who face economic or social challenges.
  • Since 2002, we have provided funding to over 100 youth in Guelph and Wellington. The Scholarships Program builds hope for the youth who need it most.


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Our SCholarships

  • The Future Fund Scholarship of $1,000 is awarded annually to one student at each high school in Guelph and Wellington County to pursue the post-secondary education of their choice.  The students are nominated by the Guidance Department and/or Commencement Committee of each high school.
  • The Cargill Scholarship of $2,500 is awarded annually to one student chosen from nominations provided by all high schools in Guelph and Wellington County. The Cargill Scholarship provides financial assistance for one student to pursue post-secondary education in a trade (millwright, electrician, etc) or an agricultural-related field.
  • The Promoli Scholarship of $1,000 each is awarded annually to three students in care of Family & Children’s Services to pursue the post-secondary education of their choice.
  • The Tait Scholarship of $7,500 total is awarded annually to between one to three students in care of Family & Children’s Services to support their residence and meal plans for post-secondary education.
  • The Paul Hammond Scholarship of $1,000 is awarded annually to one student chosen from all the participating high schools, as well as Family and Children Services in Guelph and Wellington County to pursue the post-secondary education of their choice.

How our scholarships make a difference

  • Education is so more than just sitting in a classroom – it’s about meeting people, realizing opportunities, and, most importantly, experiencing personal growth.
  • With the support of the Scholarships Program, these youth receive the resources to develop marketable skills and acquire jobs in preferred fields that provide livable wages to break the cycle of poverty.
  • Help youth realize their potential to develop into contributing community members.
  • Recognizes and encourages the accomplishments of youth in our community. 

2019 Stats

  • 18 Scholarships awarded
  • 15 Female Recipients
  • 3 Male Recipients
  • Science = highest area of study

 "The Children’s Foundation’s is a great fit for Cargill. We want to encourage youth in trades and agricultural businesses and the Cargill Scholarship allows us to assist with that. It feels great to know that we can help students in need to achieve independence and the ability to support themselves through meaningful work." Jodi Brandsma, Cargill

Contact Us

To find out more about our scholarships, contact Anita Macfarlane, Program Director, at 519.826.9551 ext. 22 or