Scholarships Program 

Our Scholarships Program provides financial support for post-secondary education. The Scholarship Awards recognize a student’s achievement in graduating in light of unusual educational, family, or social challenges faced during high school. The criteria for recipients do not focus solely on academic standing but rather on life achievement and goals in the face of difficult life situations.

 We currently provide four Scholarships including:

  • The Future Fund Scholarship of $1,000 is awarded annually to one student at each high school in Guelph and Wellington County to pursue the post-secondary education of their choice.  The students are nominated by the Guidance Department and/or Commencement Committee of each high school.
  • The Cargill Scholarship of $2,500 is awarded annually to one student chosen from nominations provided by high schools in Guelph and Wellington County. The Cargill Scholarship provides financial assistance for one student to pursue post-secondary education in a trade (millwright, electrician, etc) or an agricultural-related field.
  • The Promoli Scholarship of $1,000 each is awarded annually to four students in care of Family & Children’s Services to pursue the post-secondary education of their choice.
  • The Tait Scholarship of $7,500 total is awarded annually to between one to three students in care of Family & Children’s Services (F&CS) to support their residence and meal plans for post-secondary education.

Future Fund 2015

Why Do Our Scholarships Exist?

Through many years of working with schools, Family and Children’s Services and other referring agencies, the Children’s Foundation has recognized the critical need to support more students as they try to move on from their high school education to seek post-secondary education - to help them build a brighter future for themselves and their families. Whether it be for technical training, skilled trade training, professional colleges or university education, the need is clearly there. 

"In June 2016, I received a Promoli Scholarship from you wonderful people, and I enrolled in Police Foundations studies. Having the financial backing and the support of workers and staff gave me the confidence that I would actually be able to get into school. The financial side of school was always a concern for me and towards the end of high school I settled into the thought that I just would never achieve post-secondary. Well, I can now proudly say that not only was I accepted everywhere that I applied, but I have now completed my first semester. I've learned lots and achieved high marks, reaching a GPA of 3.78. The Promoli grant helped take some of that stress away. To see all the people who were there alongside me pushing for my success in education was uplifting and reassuring." ~ 2016 Promoli recipient

thank you
"We are so appreciative not only of the money but the validation your organization provides students who have not had a lot of positive reinforcement along the way." ~ School Guidance Counsellor

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To find out more about our scholarships, contact Anita Macfarlane, Program Director, at 519.826.9551 ext. 22 or