In addition to providing financial support for low-income youth to participate in recreational activities such as sports, arts, and camps, Free to Grow also encompasses life-skill development opportunities, including such things as babysitting classes, first aid & cpr, driver’s training, tutoring, and more. Beginning in 2021, Free to Grow will also introduce funding support for mental health therapies.

All of these opportunities are beneficial to the well-being of youth and will help:

  • develop their talents, interests, and passions;

  • enhance their personal growth, development and well-being;

  • build their self-worth and confidence; and

  • foster the skills they need to reach their full potential.


What Activity Providers Can do to support Free to Grow?


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You can download our Free to Grow logo by clicking HERE. The Free to Grow logo can be put on your website, promotional materials, and social media platforms. You may want to include a line such as: "The Children’s Foundation Free to Grow Program provides financial assistance for children in need so they can participate in sports, cultural and recreational activities, and life-skill development opportunities. For more information about eligibility and how to apply,  go to".



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Make a donation to support kids to play and learn. For example, you can donate left-over team fees at the end of the season, or collect donations during your registration process (e.g. $2 or $5). It’s a small contribution that individuals can make that collectively will go a long way.





Hold a third party fundraiser with proceeds going to Free to Grow. For more information about hosting a fundraiser, click HERE.



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Partner with us by waiving fees for eligible children through the Children’s Foundation. For more information about our program partners, click HERE.




Reduce Barriers

Make your registration process as accessible as possible. Online registration with credit card payments can be a barrier for low-income families. Another barrier might be fundraising fees for families. Talk to us about how you can create a smoother registration process for families.



Additional Resources:

Please look through the enclosed BROCHURE and LETTER to learn more about the Free to Grow Program and how you support children in our community! 

See "Shining Stars" for examples of what just some organizations in our community are doing to support the mission of Free to Grow.


Electronic Fee Transfer Form

Activity Providers can be set-up to receive payment through EFT Transfers by filling out this form: CFGW EFT Registration Form.



If you have any questions or would like to chat, please contact Karyn Kirkwood, Program Director at:

Phone: 519-826-9551, ext 28