Free To Grow

The Children’s Foundation Free to Grow Program (formerly Free to Play) funds recreational activities like sports, arts and camps, as well as life-skill development activities such as babysitting, driver's education training, tutoring and more. Funds are available for the activity of the child’s choice as long as the activity will benefit and enrich their own personal development.

Why Do We Exist?

Because we believe that all children and youth should be given the same opportunities in life. By providing the children with these experiences we are not only encouraging a healthy lifestyle but also the opportunity for skills and social development, friendships, and community engagement.

How We Make a Difference:

  • Provide financial support for the activity of the child’s choice
  • Encourage children to try new experiences, and develop their talents, interests and passions.
  • Allow children to continue in the activities they love even when times are tough for their family.
  • Help kids enhance their personal growth and development by learning valuable life and social skills, developing friendships and engaging in their community.
  • Partner with local organizations and companies who want to help the children within the community.

2018 Facts

  • 1,384 children were funded to participate in 2,215 activities;
  • 279 music, drama, art activities were funded;
  • 508 camp outings were enjoyed;
  • The most popular activities are camps, swimming, soccer, gymnastics, and dance;
  • The average household income of applicants was $18,125.


"I love hockey and the competitive side of it. I also like the exercise on the ice which makes me feel good and makes me become a better skater." (age 11)

"My favourite part of summer camp was having a campfire, eating fried oatmeal, and having a sleepover." (age 12)

"I sincerely thank you for the financial support given to my son for the football program. He has excelled in this sport on the field, as well as taken some of the lessons and applied them to everyday life. He has made several friends from his team, of which I would expect will be lifetime relationships." (from a mom)