What is Food & Friends?

The Food & Friends Program brings healthy food to hungry minds. Breakfast, morning meal, snack and lunch programs offered throughout Dufferin, Wellington County and Guelph agencies and schools, provide an atmosphere of social inclusion amongst students who may otherwise feel marginalized. Students have decreased disruptive behaviours in the classroom, learn healthy eating habits and build strong social skills.

At the start of the 2020/2021 school year, we launched a new initiative called Food & Friends at Home in order to continue to support those most vulnerable during this transition period. Families with children and youth supported by the Children’s Foundation through the Food & Friends Program were eligible to submit a request for a Food & Friends at Home kit. This kit provided one snack for each day of a two week period similar to what would be provided through a Food & Friends student nutrition program. This initiative has stopped at the end of this school year (June 30, 2021). 

Details of the initiative for the 2021/2022 school year will be announced in early September.

Why Do We Exist?

Many children go to school unprepared to learn. They have not had the right nourishment, which makes it difficult to focus. Numerous studies have shown that children and youth who are hungry do not perform as well as others in school. Our programs help children and youth reach their potential.

We support vulnerable children and youth by:
  • Applying for grants on behalf of student nutrition programs
  • Ensuring criteria and reporting requirements for grants are fulfilled as programs are delivered
  • Assisting individual programs with their local fundraising efforts
  • Recruiting and training volunteers to ensure appropriate food menu planning and safe food handling
  • Providing continuity and assistance in the administration of programs
  • Organizing forums to promote best practices to enable continuous improvement
  • Maintaining quality assurance regarding guidelines and standards recommended by the ministry and national charities that provide funding for school-based nutrition programs
How we make a difference:
  • Provide children and youth with a positive start to the day
  • Improve their learning abilities
  • Decrease disruptive behaviours in the classroom
  • Encourage positive social skills
  • Teach children and youth healthy eating habits

FF Kids

2020 Facts & Information



105 Student Nutrition Programs served 18,296 students over 963,000 meals during in-school learning.



FFK Basket

Our emergency food support programs provided over 168,000 meals to children and youth who were learning remotely.

Cost Elementary

$1.45 provides an elementary school meal (breakfast, morning meal, lunch) and $0.90 provides a healthy snack.


Secondary Cost

$2.20 provides a secondary school meal (breakfast, morning meal, lunch) and $1.30 provides a healthy snack.

Program Partners

Our community partners include agencies, organizations and private sector companies who support us in our mission, principals, and beliefs. 

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Funded in part by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

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