The cost to adopt a family depends upon the size of the family and the ages of the children. When you sign-up to be a donor, we will ask you for your budget and match you accordingly, or we may suggest other valuable ways you can donate such as purchasing a Special Item or donating grocery or gift cards.

When adopting a family, our expectations are that you provide:

  • A selection of items from each child's needs and wishes lists that are within your budget. Based on past experience with donors, we estimate the average spent is $175-$200 per child, in order to provide a selection of their needs and wishes. This can vary depending on the ages.
  •  Grocery gift cards for the family, $100 for families of 1-4 and $25 per person above four (ie. family with 3 children and 2 parents $125)
  • A small, token gift for parent(s)/guardian(s) (approx. value $25 per)  

For example: the estimated average cost of adopting a family of four (2 parents + 2 children) will be approximately $500-$550 based on the above factors.