Adopting: a Family or an Independent Youth  

Below is detailed information about adopting a Primary or Caregiver Family or Independent Youth and what we are asking donors to contribute for the family or youth they adopt. Questions? Contact or 519-829-0855
We are suggesting Donors spend less on gift cards than what they might have normally spent on gifts in previous years. With a separate Winter Wear drive, families should not need to use gift cards to purchase winter coats and boots, which have typically taken up a lot of a donor’s budget. 
Primary Family
We ask that donors provide gift cards for the family to purchase gifts and the groceries they need for the holidays. Recommended amounts to spend on gift cards are:
  • Gift cards for 'wish' items for kids: $100 per child/youth
  • Grocery gift cards: $100 for families of 1-4 people and $25 per person above four. Example: a family of six = $150.
  • Parent(s)/Guardian(s): One gift card of approximately $25 in value per parent/guardian

For example of the range:

  • When adopting a single-parent with one child = $225
  • When adopting a larger family such as a two-parent family with six children = $850
Caregiver Family

We define a Caregiver family as either the non-primary parent or grandparent(s) who will have their children/grandchildren at Christmas and cannot afford to provide a gift or holiday meal. Our recommendation is that you provide:

  • One gift card of approximately $25 in value per child/youth.
  • Grocery gift cards: $100 regardless of size.
  • Parent)/Grandparent: One gift card of approximately $25 in value per parent/guardian
Independent Youth

We define an Independent Youth as someone up to and including the age of 20 years old who is living on their own without family ties and with limited support and resources. As youth are living on their own, they often have a great need for household items, clothing and other such things. Our recommendation is that you provide:

  • Gift card(s) for needs and wishes: $150
  • Grocery gift cards: $100 to provide the youth with enough food for the holidays as well as to help them with food security.