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With all the changes the pandemic has brought about in our community, we have had to re-think how to continue providing the support kids and families need in new and safe ways. It's required us to be creative, flexible, and resilient - the very qualities we want to foster in our youth!

When looking ahead to this fall and Adopt-A-Family, the safety of our team, our donors, the referring social-community workers, and the community at large has been forefront in our planning. COVID-19 restrictions and safety protocols significantly impact how we can do things. We anticipate the need in our community may be higher, while the capacity of the community to give may be strained with the financial impacts of this year.

With all that in mind, along with the uncertainty of what the next few months may bring, we know we have to adapt. In the spirit of Santa Claus and the Elves, with a steadfast and jolly determination to bring hope and joy home for the holidays, we are pleased that we will be able to continue providing holiday support this year, although it will look different than how our program usually runs.


For Adopt-A-Family 2020, we will be moving to a Gift Card model.


We will continue to partner with social and community agencies who will refer families in need to the program. Donors who wish to 'adopt' a family will still be able to do so, receiving information about the family they are supporting, including what gift cards will be most helpful for that family to purchase what they need for a special holiday. 

Some donors may prefer to simply purchase gift cards or make a cash donation, which we can pool together to help as many families as possible.

We are exploring some other important supports for families this fall as part of Adopt-A-Family 2.0 and more details will come as we finalize the plans. While Adopt-A-Family may look different this year, we know that together we will still be able to bring hope and joy home for children and their families this holiday season.

If you have any questions about the Adopt-A-Family Program, please contact us!


Karyn Kirkwood, Program Director

519-826-9551 ext 28


Emma Rogers, CEO

519-826-9551 ext 24