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Sunshine Squad Superstar: Gillian Cuthbert


Gillian Cuthbert has been a member of the Sunshine Squad for 3 years as an Ambassador for the Children’s Foundation. In this role, Gillian represents the Foundation at community events by promoting its programs and services. She is passionate about increasing both public awareness of the Foundation and understanding of its goals. She also volunteers at many of the Foundation’s events, including Trees for Tots and the annual Around the World Gala.

Gillian’s personal philosophy of “helping the community” also clearly shines through in her professional life. In her position as Senior Relationship Manager Business Banking at BMO Financial Group, Gillian builds relationships with community partners, including many local non-profit agencies. Gillian devotes her time to educating children about financial literacy, a crucial topic that is not always explained to young people in detail. Gillian also provides support and mentoring for women in business through Innovation Guelph.

Originally from the United Kingdom, Gillian lived in Spain with her husband and children for three years before moving to Guelph nine years ago. She appreciates the strong sense of community Guelph has to offer. “The Guelph community is the most collaborative of any place I’ve ever lived,” says Gillian. Volunteering also brings Gillian’s family closer together, as her husband, daughter, and son often join her. Gillian says volunteering gives her a “warm and fuzzy feeling.”

We feel so honoured to work alongside such a dedicated and caring volunteer. Thank you, Gillian, for all that you do!


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Stacey Jennings, One Woman Show

Stacey Dennings

 Stacey Jennings is a busy mom of three and volunteer extraordinaire. She coordinates the Food & Friends morning meal program at Minto-Clifford Public School in Harriston, volunteering every school day to bring healthy food to hungry minds.

“Four years ago Minto-Clifford's morning meal program was almost non-existent. I saw an opportunity to help the students within our school and knowing the benefits it would have on certain kids was an added bonus”, Stacey tells us. “The children are so grateful and look forward to seeing what I’m serving for our morning meal every morning. I’m often stopped by kids out in the community, and they always ask “What’s for breakfast tomorrow?

Stacey works tirelessly to complete all the menu planning, grocery shopping, food-prep, and clean-up for 450 students every day of the week.  What’s even more impressive is that she offers this freshly prepared and healthy morning meal to every student, all on her own! Stacey ensures that all students are offered three different food-group items each day, to help fuel their brains so that they can better focus on their day of learning.

We are so grateful for Stacey and all the work that she puts into this awesome student nutrition program at Minto-Clifford School. That’s why we want to take this time to give her a huge Children’s Foundation ‘shout-out’ for being such an amazing and valuable volunteer.  This program would not exist without her!

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Claire Jackson: A True Holiday Hero

Claire Jackson profile picture

Volunteer, Friend, Grandma, Dog Lover, Nature Enthusiast, Golfer, Chef, Hostess Extraordinaire - sounds like a pretty amazing woman! Introducing Claire Jackson.

Claire first came to the Children’s Foundation nine years ago through the Adopt-A-Family program. She was working part-time and filled her spare time with volunteer commitments. She eventually gave up her paid job and devoted her time to volunteering with the Adopt-A-Family program, ensuring children in Guelph have a special Christmas.

“I first met Claire four years ago when I joined the team here at the Children’s Foundation,” says Volunteer Coordinator, Brenda Walsh. “I immediately knew that she was a force to be reckoned with. She is a “Get ‘er Done” kind of gal, and someone who can always be relied on to roll up her sleeves and tackle any task or project.”

Claire has been involved with many community organizations over the years, including Women in Crisis. She was on their Board of Directors when Marianne’s place was being built. Marianne’s Place is an emergency shelter for women in Guelph trying to escape violence, and Claire continues to be an advocate and voice for women in need of this kind of support.

When speaking with Claire about volunteering and the difference it can make, she shared that she is humbled and often brought to tears when she hears of the struggles and adversity some families are facing. “Knowing that I can help ease that burden and make things a little better, even if it’s for a short time, puts a smile on my face and brings me joy.”  Because of Claire, thousands of children undoubtedly also have smiles on their faces and joy in their hearts.

Claire gives of her heart and soul for months during the Adopt-A-Family season, managing a big chunk of the office work involved with processing close to 1,200 family referrals. “I can’t imagine Adopt-A-Family without Claire,” says Program Director, Karyn Kirkwood. “She epitomizes all that is good about the program and the team of volunteer elves who give so much of themselves to make Christmas miracles happen. Her dedication and attention to all the little details helps keep the Santa machine running so smoothly, and she is a valued member of the team. What strikes me every year during the season is how deeply she cares, for the families and for her fellow volunteer elves. Her heartfelt devotion and thoughtfulness is very inspiring to me and I have so much admiration for her.”

Claire’s giving nature doesn’t stop at Christmas time. She joins the Children’s Foundation office team on a regular basis throughout the year, helping staff with various accounting tasks, database work, and a number of other administrative tasks. Outside of the office, Claire promotes the organization and programs everywhere she goes. She has recruited six of her friends who now also volunteer with Adopt -A-Family.

When asked what has kept her coming back for so many years Claire said, “It’s the people - the families, the other volunteers, and the Children’s Foundation team. This has grown to be much more than a volunteer role, these people and this place have become my family.”

We feel honored to work alongside this caring, funny, dedicated volunteer and feel privileged to be named as part of her family. Thank you so much Claire for all that you do at Christmastime and all year long.

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The Spooky Souls of the Children's Foundation




The staff at the Children’s Foundation know all too well how important volunteerism is. The programs and events at the foundation just would not be possible without support from the outstanding volunteers who donate their time.

It is interesting to know, however, that the reach of this terrifying team goes far beyond the programs offered through the Children’s Foundation. Some of the other community organizations that benefit from the care and compassion of this creepy crew include: Family and Children Services, Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis, the Rotary Club, Food4Kids, The Girl Guides, Vanier Center for Women, Guelph Regals Lacrosse and more. On top of their external community outreach, all of the staff and most of their families volunteer for the Children's Foundation as well - now that's dedication to community!

These ghostly gals have many reasons for giving back: some include building your social circle, helping someone do something better, building stronger bonds between community organizations, trying new things, increasing skills, sharing talents and other valuable reasons. 

The Executive Director of the Children’s Foundation, Glenna Banda, was so impacted by her volunteer work that she chose to change careers and is now leading the great organization she once volunteered for.

Donor Relations Manager, Emilie Mossman, volunteered for an organization in which she accompanied people to appointments. She said she was able to help people feel brave and let them know that they have someone on their team.

Administrative and Outreach Support Coordinator, Brenda Walsh, started volunteering to give back to those in need and ended up receiving more than she gave.

On the whole, the staff at the Children's Foundation feels volunteering puts words like “I care” into action, and this Tricky Team really cares about their community!

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Kate Bryan - whose impact is multi-faceted

Kate Bryan is a very dedicated volunteer of the Food & Friends Program who enhances the excellent work of the Children's Foundation. She is invaluable to the Foundation as well as to the community in which she serves.

Four years ago Kate was asked to take over the role of Student Nutrition Program Coordinator for the Food & Friends breakfast program at Laurelwoods Elementary School near Orangeville, Dufferin County. The program had been operating two mornings a week in the past, but Kate quickly rallied some parent volunteers, and together, they developed a five morning a week program. Kate and her team provide a nutritious breakfast for 20-60 students every day.

Kate feels that the impact she's had on the program is multi-faceted. She's providing nutritious food so that students can focus and learn, she's providing attention and positive feedback on a one-to-one basis during breakfast and she's "putting a smile on the children's faces" leading to a good start to the day.

Not everyone recognizes the level of poverty in their own community. Kate feels that people may often think that poverty is a result of unemployment, but in reality it’s also families who may be suffering from physical or mental health problems. If parents aren't well, they can't take care of their children to the extent that might be necessary to maintain good health.

Kate is such an awesome person that she not only volunteers her time with us, but she also volunteers with Hospice Dufferin as a member of their board of directors. She is a true community champion! We are so grateful to have Kate as one of our volunteers.


Kate Bryan

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Flying Higher than Ever Before.


The SOAR Race Directors!


The only way to know how far you will go in life is to spread your wings and SOAR!

The Southern Ontario Amazing Race (SOAR) is Ontario’s Longest Running Adventure Race fundraiser. It is a 3rd party fundraising event to support the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington. The event raises between $70,000 - $80,000 a year, and in 2018 a milestone was reached when the 20 teams of two raised $72,829, bringing SOAR’s 15-year total funds raised to $1,009,848.

Without events like SOAR, the Foundation would not be able to continue to offer its programs and services to the community. The race Directors are a key part of the volunteer team that is responsible for organizing this hugely successful and popular event. We recently caught up with a few of these dynamic volunteers and they shared some thoughts about what the race means to them.

Scott Hammond is in his fifth year as a volunteer with SOAR. He first became involved with the Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington through meeting Glenna Banda and his volunteer work with his Kiwanis Club of Guelph. He was ready for a new volunteer opportunity and signed up to help with SOAR. In his first year he played the role of videographer and photographer. Scott was hooked and joined the team of race Directors the following year. His main role now involves using his marketing skills to help create marketing collateral as and publishing race content.

Scott feels that one of his greatest contributions to SOAR is helping to reach out and recruit new potential racers and volunteers, as well as race Directors. “We are always looking for new race Directors,” he says, “and being a Director is a great way to volunteer and support The Children's Foundation.”

Laura Cassin is another volunteer who seems to have caught the SOAR bug. Laura started volunteering with SOAR in 2004 and became a Director in 2008. For the past several years she has filled the role of Volunteer Coordinator and has helped with the logistics of planning the race with all of its challenges. When asked about her volunteer involvement with SOAR, Laura shared the following: "It all starts several months before the race, when we meet weekly to plan challenges and arrange things like lunch and overnight locations. I then start recruiting volunteers and work with my co-coordinator.”

Laura’s co-coordinator, Emily Boms, joined the SOAR team 15 years ago when she was living in Ontario. She has since moved to California but thanks to the miracle of technology she has been able to remain in her role, despite the fact that she is so far away. Together Laura and Emily assign various volunteer roles and communicate with volunteers to confirm availability. “Just before the race we hold a volunteer orientation," Laura notes, "then during the race, I circulate around to challenges ensuring that our volunteers have everything they need. We have a fantastic volunteer group, many of whom come back year after year. I work hard to make sure their experience is enjoyable as they keep the race moving along."

Laura loves the race and everything it encompasses. "There are times when life can feel overwhelming: going to work, looking after a family, renovating a house, spending time with friends and family. Adding the Race on top of that makes for a busy life and yet those of us who do it come back year after year, because there is something really special about it. It is a combination of great people, fun and challenging work, and a really worthy cause. By the end of Race weekend we are all exhausted but riding a high at what we've accomplished. It's pretty magical."

April Plecke became a volunteer Race Director last year, but has been volunteering with the event for many years. She first got involved with SOAR as a volunteer, and then she and her sister decided to take on the race as a racing duo! April is one of the many volunteers who have had a huge impact on the success of the event. She has worked as a Director over the past year diligently researching, planning and organizing every intricate detail that goes into this complex event. She acknowledges that, “It’s a huge time commitment and a lot of work, but I love all of the amazing people I get to meet, the friendships we make and how much fun we have planning the race.” This is where April's dedication to the race comes from and the cause behind it really pushes her to SOAR. April estimates that she puts in about 30+ hours a month, and even more as the race date approaches. She is no stranger to fundraising for charities. Prior to joining the SOAR volunteer team she worked as a fundraiser for the MS society, which is another charity that is very close to her heart.

On behalf of the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington and the children we serve, we would like to send many thanks out to Scott, Laura, Emily, April and all the Race Directors for their boundless commitment to the Southern Ontario Amazing Race. This race simply would not be possible without you!


There are 15 Directors who led SOAR in 2018:

Glenna Banda (Co-Founding Director)

Alex Heim

Andrea DeVries

April Plecke

Emily Boms

Emma Zaozerskaya

Ilona Farry

Laura Cassian

Lilly Clattenburg

Jason Clattenburg

Jenn Hogg

Melissa Somerville

Nicole De Long

Rohit Parekh

Scott Hammond

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Teresa Durigon, leading with Passion




Teresa Durigon


Volunteer Position:

Board Member


Why Children’s Foundation?

Teresa has always been passionate about helping people, but about 12 years ago her passion turned toward children while serving as the chair of the Parent/Teachers Association at St. John Catholic School. It was here where it came to her attention that her children were sharing their lunch at school with some students who didn't have one. On one occasion, a male teacher came out of his classroom crying as he told her that one of his students didn't make a lunch because there wasn't any food in the fridge. 

Teresa decided to take further action and help make a difference in the community by growing and advocating for the Food & Friends program. This helped ensure no children would ever go without a lunch or healthy snack during the day.



Teresa has shown her dedication and commitment to the children in this community by serving on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Foundation for an incredible six years. Teresa will now finish her final term and move on to new and exciting things, however she is excited to see what new initiatives and fresh perspectives new Board Members will bring to the Children's Foundation. 

Through Teresa’s work with raising funds for the Food & Friends program, as well as her work on the board, she has helped shape our organization and touch many lives. Notably, she helped differentiate the Children’s Foundation from other organizations through unique branding (a new logo), exceptional public relations, and strong program management. 

Although her Board term is done, she looks forward to continuing her efforts in spreading the word and acting as an advocate for the foundation, just in a different capacity.



Glenna Banda says this of the impact that Teresa has had on the Board and on the Children's Foundation.

"Teresa has brought a tremendous amount of compassion and enthusiasm to our Board. She not only has a vision of a brighter future for local children, but she is also willing to roll up her sleeves and do what needs to be done to make it happen. This commitment is contagious as everyone around the Board table and outside of the organization who gets the opportunity to hear Teresa share her passion can't help but want to be part of the Children’s Foundation and the work we do. She is a cheerleader, hard worker, very generous, and we are extremely grateful for everything she has done."


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"Volunteerism Gives A Special Meaning To Life"


R&JJessie Watt & Ron Cowley

At first glance, Children’s Foundation volunteers would be seen giving their time at our events, at various schools helping to serve meals, in our office doing day-to-day tasks, or speaking on our behalf in the community. What you might not see are the volunteers who also work behind the scenes giving hours of their time for program development and planning. These volunteers have contirbutions that are often never seen and often don’t receive the recognition they deserve. We would like to take this opportunity to shine a light on two of those special volunteers.


Ron Cowley

Ron Cowley is first and foremost a father, but he is also a retired school teacher, and an active volunteer in our community who selflessly gives of his time. Ron’s background in teaching has given him a skill set that has been invaluable to the development of our volunteer program. As most small non-profits know, having a full-time volunteer coordinator is often not an option when trying to maintain a tight budget. This at times can leave a gap in the formal development of volunteer programs as time simply doesn’t allow for it.  

“Volunteer management is a huge part of running a successful organization,” says Administrative and Outreach Coordinator Brenda Walsh. “It is just as important as soliciting donors for financial contributions”. Small organizations like the Children’s Foundation rely on the support of volunteers to make their mission a reality. Ron has made it possible for the Children’s Foundation to really focus on the foundation of our volunteer program including developing tools that will help enhance the quality of the program.  Ron has made it possible for Brenda's “someday plans” to become a reality.

Ron’s work at the Children’s Foundation began with the development of our volunteer manual, and he has also helped with writing volunteer positions, policies and procedures. But his work doesn't end there. Ron attends each of our events with his ”volunteer management hat” on. He collects information and watches processes to see what can be done in a faster, easier, or more efficient way in the future. He attends debrief meetings where his findings begin the process towards possible solutions. Ron feels that it is imperative that feedback from volunteers be recognized and addressed in the most appropriate way, leading to improvement and better processes in the end. He is, in many ways, the voice of our volunteers.

Ron is very quick to talk about the ways he benefits from his volunteer involvement. One of Ron’s personal goals is putting his skills to use. He is driven by making improvements or finding ways to “fix things”.  Ron feels that he benefits from the relationships he has developed with the staff and volunteers at the Foundation, and he says it is the people that he works with that make it fulfilling for him. His volunteer role at the Children’s Foundation is helping him reach some of his personal goals while supporting a worthwhile organization.

“If I can make it easier and more enjoyable and fulfilling for the volunteers, through listening, evaluating and making improvements, then I'm happy."

The Children’s Foundation needs volunteers like Ron who recognize the importance of volunteerism. What better way to recognize Ron’s work on our volunteer program than during National Volunteer Week!

Thank you Ron for brightening the futures of so many children, one volunteer at a time!

Jessie Watt 

Jessie Watt is recently retired and has turned her skills and attention to volunteering, as she was looking to find meaningful ways to get out into the community and meet people. She is an adventurous, outgoing person who loves people. She gets excited when she embarks on new challenges and projects, and she isn’t afraid to build her world in a way that she feels it looks most beautiful.   

Jessie first came to the Children’s Foundation three years ago, and she was unsure of what her volunteerism would look like when she first applied. Jessie has sampled many different roles in her years with the Foundation including volunteering at the Around the World Gala, Fore our Kids Golf Tournament, and Live Free breakfast. Jessie has also joined a Food & Friends team serving nutritious meals to kids in a local school, and has volunteered as an office assistant doing various administrative tasks.

It seems most appropriate as we celebrate National Volunteer Week to recognize Jessie’s contribution, as her volunteerism recently has been in a supporting role for our volunteer program.  Currently, one of Jessie’s roles includes collecting the stories of our volunteers. Jessie has been working hard to ensure that all of the volunteers who support the Children’s Foundation receive heartfelt recognition. Jessie has even received her PREB training, which is a program that focuses on the recognition of volunteers, as she feels that everyone needs to feel valued and appreciated.  

Jessie truly feels like she has become part of the Children’s Foundation family through her work over the past few years. She loves the variety of roles available, and the flexibility within those roles. In addition to keeping her skills up-to–date, Jessie loves learning new skills through her volunteering. She feels there is a risk when people retire that they can get lost in the cracks and she didn’t want to see that happen. “Volunteerism gives a special meaning to life.”

The Children’s Foundation is only one of the organizations fortunate enough to have Jessie’s support, as she also spends her time volunteering for the Guelph Humane Society providing foster homes to cats that have been surrendered, as well as with an organization that supports individuals doing court appointed probation.

Jessie is drawn to the Children’s Foundation because she believes all children should receive the opportunity to develop to their full potential. She did however laugh a little as she explained why her volunteerism is selfish in some ways. She has a list of very specific, important things that she is looking to gain out of her volunteer experience, and when other people benefit from her volunteering, well that just seems like the icing on the cake. Jessie already feels she has gained skills in the Human Resource field, and has improved her own self-confidence. Simply stated, Jessie says “each person is responsible for their own development, positivity and happiness”.

Jessie explained further, “the more time I spend volunteering, the more time I spend thinking of others, and I really like that volunteerism has affected me in this way”. She has now become a strong advocate for volunteerism, sharing with family and friends the many benefits. Jessie is a glowing example of a volunteer who not only talks the talk, she also walks the walk!

Thank you Jessie, for all of your support!

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Pam Wakefield, Making Play Possible


Pam w

With busy lives, it can be hard to find time to volunteer. However, the benefits of volunteering are enormous to you, your family, and your community. Pam Wakefield has made her commitment to volunteerism a priority in her busy life. 

Pam started volunteering with the Children's Foundation in October 2016. She originally took on the role of Office Volunteer, helping with general clerical and administrative duties. As the Foundation continues to grow, and the demand for the Free To Play Program also continues to increase, Pam has moved into the role of Free to Play Support Volunteer. Her sole focus now is supporting the administration of Free to Play funding.  Pam works closely with Maria Fitzpatrick, Free To Play Program Assistant, to ensure funding is administered in an efficient and timely manner. “We can have up to 90 Free to Play applications in a week, and so it can be pretty busy at times,” says Maria. “Having someone like Pam to rely on is a huge help in staying on top of everything so that families get the help they need quickly. Not only does Pam offer fantastic organization skills, but she’s such a warm and friendly person that it’s a joy to have her on our team.”

 Pam loves volunteering for the Children’s Foundation because it makes her feel important and happy. Researchers have discovered by measuring hormones and brain activity, that being helpful to others delivers immense pleasure. Human beings are hard-wired to give to others. The more we give, the happier we feel.  Pam also loves the variety in her work and the feeling of ownership as she has become an essential part of the team. She feels a renewed sense of self-worth, meaning, and social engagement. These things are extremely valuable to Pam, especially as she isn't currently working outside the home.

In addition to her role as the Free to Play Support Volunteer, Pam took on the role of Donor Greeter with the Adopt-A-Family team this past holiday season. Pam is passionate about this program as she and her husband have been involved as donors for a number of years.  In fact, Pam’s whole family joins in the volunteer effort with Adopt-A-Family by helping with the move on-site and with gift-wrapping. “Pam was such a great addition to the Adopt-A-Family team, greeting donors when they dropped off their gifts," says Karyn Kirkwood, Program Director. “She exemplifies the true spirit of Christmas, spreading cheer and goodwill wherever she goes.”

Pam is also involved with Women in Crisis where she crochets blankets and donates them to women in need. Pam relies on a boot camp exercise class for the energy needed to do all that she does to support her family and her community, not to mention the numerous half marathons she competes in.

 Pam recently shared her thoughts on volunteering with us saying, "You don't have to have a lot of time to make a difference; every little bit of work counts. Volunteering is just one way for you to shine.”

 Doing good for others and the community provides a natural sense of accomplishment. Your role as a volunteer can give you a sense of pride and identity. And the better you feel about yourself, the more likely you are to have a positive view of your life and the lives of others.


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Tara Armstrong

Tara's volunteer service at Victoria Terrace Public School started as an Educational Assistant in a Grade 1 and 2 class when her two children were attending the school; she then became a Food & Friends Program Coordinator and has now been involved with the school's student nutrition program for five years. She also sits on the parent council and has organized several fundraisers for the school. Victoria Terrace holds a special place in Tara's heart as she herself attended the school; she considers Victoria Terrace a second home and the students there as her "children."

Tara coordinates both the snack and the lunch program, creating menus and picking-up groceries on a weekly basis. She notes there are challenges, such as meeting dietary guidelines restrictions, but she faces it all with a smile and a dose of creativity, coming up with fun and tasty alternatives for the kids when certain foods, such as processed meats, are cut from the program.

Tara explains that every student in the school is offered the morning snack but that lunch items are reserved for those who need them most. About 220 students access the program every day. The students who use the lunch program pick-up the food and return the containers when they're finished. Tara is supported by a group of students who help serve the food and bring back unused items. The food program not only provides nutritious food to students but also provides them with the opportunity to try new foods.


In June of 2017, Tara was recognized with the Everyday Hero Award by the Upper Grand District School Board - a true measure of her value and contribution. She is a very active volunteer who attends the Children's Foundation appreciation events as well as networking meetings with the Food & Friends Program several times a year.

Tara's volunteering has inspired both of her children to volunteer as well. Her daughter has completed over 200 hours of volunteer work, far exceeding her mandatory 40 hours of community service for high school graduation. Her son also helps out with the snack and lunch program when he can, even though he no longer attends the school. Tara stresses that the school is her "happy place;" the positive feedback from the students she supports on a daily basis makes her feel valued and appreciated.

Through her dedication and commitment, Tara has changed the lives of children offering healthy nutrition, increased self-worth, a sense of responsibility and opportunities to help others. Tara looks at everything with optimism and grace and has become a strong role model for the students and staff at Vitoria Terrace and a highly-valued volunteer and community member!

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The Truth About Our Youth

Did you know youth make up a quarter of the world’s population today and that is the highest percentage in recorded history? The youth we mean people between the ages of 15 and 24 years old. Our youth represent an extremely valuable resource. Equipped already with energy, good will and creativity they are the key to our future.

Volunteering and helping others can be very fulfilling if we show our children from a young age how enriching it can be, they will start to see a connection between helping someone else and their own happiness. Current statistics suggest that youth from a family where at least one parent volunteers is almost twice as likely to volunteer and nearly three times as likely to volunteer on a regular basis. If you currently volunteer have you considered having your kids join you?

Claire, Brodrick and their parents (pictured below) have been volunteering with Adopt-A-Family for a number of years. Claire’s mom says;  

"Over the years, my daughter and I have spent hours 'Adopt-a-Family' shopping together. Before heading out, we preview flyers, look for sales, and find the best deals. We love the challenge of making our family's budget go as far as we can."

"This shopping time has become an annual tradition for our family. Over the years, I have seen Claire's shopping perspective change. When she was younger, she would often point out items that she would like and start making her own list. As she has matured, she has become more focused on the families and their needs. Through this experience, we have shared special time together and Claire has also gained an understanding of budgeting and prioritizing. As we shop, we often refer to the children on the list as 'our family' and we consider how they might react when they receive these gifts.  I feel so fortunate to have witnessed my daughter's empathy for others develop."


Teen volunteering has risen steadily since the 1980s. Research has shown that teens who engage in community service are more responsible and have higher self-esteem and resilience. Volunteering helps teens gain new skills necessary for the job market such as leadership, communication skills, dependability, time management, and decision making. Teens who volunteer perform better at school and also build a stronger resumé for college and scholarship applications.


 Heres what we know about local youth involved in volunteerism:

  • In general, younger Canadians are more likely to volunteer than older Canadians.
  • Youth from higher income families volunteer more than those from lower-income families (70% vs 44%). The study suggests that kids from lower income families are simply not asked as often to volunteer and that they would be more interested in helping their immediate communities.
  • Youth who volunteer are happier, they scored 24 percent higher on a life satisfaction scale.
  • Teens are three times more likely to say that a bad experience had prevented them from doing more volunteer work.

Heres why our youth volunteer:

  • 42 percentof young volunteers got involved because their friends were involved.
  • Teens love to socialize, so like to volunteer with their peers or friends and have fun while volunteering.
  • Teens and college or university students use volunteering to add sparkle to their resumés. Volunteering can make one job candidate stand out from the competition.
  • Volunteering provides an opportunity to learn skills youth will need in the future. 

Hannah has been volunteering for several years and here's what she thinks:


"Volunteering is important because it gives me the chance to give back to my community and to help those who may be less fortunate.  It makes me feel good and it makes me feel like my time matters. I think about how many people I  can help and that builds my character, and helps build new relationships."



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Adopt-A-Family is making a difference.

As we approach the busiest week of the year at the Adopt-A-Family site, we still have over 400 families' gifts to come in. It is easy to forget when we have our nose to the grindstone, just how hard everyone is working. We want to take a moment to recognize a wonderful and amazing group of volunteers. 

cindy         " I have also had the joy of adopting a family-it's a reminder of what Christmas really is all about!"





     "We make a list and check it twice!"







   "I feel blessed to have been a very small part of this."                                      








        Donor love



  "How many times can you fulfill a childhood dream of working in Santa's workshop?" 








   "The organization required and set in place is astounding! To see and be a part of this is my Christmas miracle."









  "The greatest gift you can give someone is your time."              








  "By the time the last gift goes out the door to be delivered, there is this 

    wonderful feeling that on many levels we have helped spread happiness this Christmas season."









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A Family of Support

Marni Struyk was asked by her friend and Chair of the Gala Committee to volunteer three years ago, and she has never looked back. The first year, she brought her son, Tyler, and her husband, Jeff, along. The following year Marni's daughter, Jessie, joined them and the rest is history - Marni has recruited her whole family to volunteer at the annual Children's Foundation Around the World Gala, creating an awesome family volunteering team. The support the Struyks offer is invaluable and we simply couldn’t do it without them! We look forward to seeing their smiling faces at the Gala for years to come.

Marni and Family 

Marni is committed, outgoing, friendly and passionate about volunteering. She started volunteering at a young age, inspired by her grandmother who organized volunteers to fundraise for the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Canada. Marni remembers many years as a child selling geraniums as a fundraiser for the cause. Her daughter Jessie is now following in her footsteps; she loves volunteering and helps out at summer camps and with the Guelph Girls Hockey Association.

Marni's family volunteers a lot together: Marni and Jeff have been involved in various activities over the years and their children often take part. Marni and Jeff coach, facilitate and offer leadership to many organizations. As a family affair, Marni emphasizes that volunteering is extremely important. For her son, it was his volunteer experience at the Gala that made him realize not all children have the opportunity to play sports like he did. Marni and her family are now looking into other Children's Foundation events they can get involved in and are thinking about joining the Tree for Tots volunteer team this year.

Volunteer Canada statistics report that adolescents who are involved in community service or who volunteer are more likely as adults to have a strong work ethic, to volunteer and to vote. Volunteering is associated with the development of greater respect for others, leadership skills and an understanding of citizenship that often carries over into adulthood. According to at least one study, the benefits of volunteering in adolescence may even reduce risk factors for cardiovascular disease as adults.

In today’s fast paced society where our time is so precious and we often don't have extra time to give, Marni points out the true value of family volunteering is that we can give together. With the support of a family of volunteers like this, we see the true spirit of giving and we appreciate every minute of their time!

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What You Do Makes A Difference - Many Thanks to Our Volunteers

 Volunteer opportunities abound with the Children's Foundation Volunteer Program, and volunteers are treated as valued members of the organization with their own individual needs. Whether you're feeling socially isolated, want to hone up on your skills, want to learn new skills, or are looking to enhance your resume, there are opportunities for you to fulfill your goals and to feel supported along the way. September is often the month to start something new, and many volunteers are joining the various volunteer programs to not only change their lives, but to also enhance the lives of others!

We are currently recruiting volunteers in the Food & Friends Program. These volunteers are bringing healthy food to hungry minds, by providing an atmosphere of social inclusion amongst students who may otherwise feel marginalized. Students have decreased disruptive behaviours in the classroom, learn healthy eating habits, and build strong social skills.


Nicole, one of our fabulous Food & Friends volunteers, sums up her volunteer experience in the program this way.

 "My volunteer contributions are appreciated financially by parents in the community who might not be able to provide nutritious meals for their children due to their circumstances. Children who otherwise might not eat breakfast do better in class and in life in general when they receive a nutritious meal. I can see positive changes in a lot of students who are involved in the breakfast program and the volunteers have helped the kids develop their social skills through their involvement. "

We are also looking for some special people to join our awesome team of volunteer elves, who rally together to help families in need for the Christmas season through our Adopt-A-Family Program. Cindy, one of our hardworking and valued volunteers says,“It’s the warm, fuzzy feeling that I get working on the program that keeps me coming back. My reward is seeing the outcome of all the hard work and so many families being supported over the holidays. That is the true meaning of Christmas to an Adopt-A-Family volunteer."  


If these opportunities are not what you were looking for, perhaps you would enjoy working behind-the-scenes for our organization. We are currently looking for people to help the already remarkable volunteers that assist us in the office. What would we do without our office support volunteers? They work relentlessly to keep the wheels turning smoothly by answering phones, greeting guests, taking messages, assisting with mail-outs, maintaining general office organization, and providing support for special events. These volunteers truly deserve our recognition!



One of our office volunteers, Dawn, was looking to volunteer in an office position to both maintain her administrative skills as well as to learn new skills while looking for paid employment in her field.

 "The Children's Foundation helped me fund my children's soccer and camp fees and so I felt that volunteering with this organization would be my way of 'giving back' for the help. My volunteer work has put me in a happier frame of mind and provided me with a very positive environment to get involved with the bigger picture." 

Calling all volunteers who want to help out with special events! You can meet new people and have a unique experience. There are many opportunities available - SOAR, Around the World Gala, Inspiration, Rifest, Fore our Kids Golf Tournament, and Trees for Tots. There's something for everyone!   


 As one of our Trees for Tots volunteers Mike explains; "I was impressed with the work that the Children’s Foundation is doing locally, and felt inspired to get involved.” 

Having equipment that would be of benefit to Trees for Tots, and a strong belief in volunteering for the community, he signed up as a volunteer and has been involved with Trees for Tots for the past three years. His wife, Kate, and eight-year-old daughter, Sophie, joined the team two years ago.  As Mike says,"We look at it as an excellent family opportunity to contribute to a great cause and help local children."

 The support of our volunteers exemplifies the culmination of an investment in the health and future of our community, an investment in brighter futures. Without your support, we wouldn't be the strong and vibrant organization that we are and will continue to be in the future.


From the bottom of our hearts, a huge thank-you to each and every one of our volunteers for your support, collaboration, dedication and contributions!

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Jan Craig: Part of our History



Jan's volunteer work with the Children's Foundation began many years ago through the breakfast program at Tytler Public School, originally funded by Wellington-Dufferin-Guelph Public Health. Driven to the program through her work as a nutritionist with Public Health, Jan continued volunteering for the program even when funding later came from the Canadian Red Cross Society. Jan's daughter eventually joined her as a volunteer and together they prepared nutrious food for children who would otherwise go without breakfast. In 2009, the breakfast program came to the Children's Foundation and is know today as the Food & Friends Program. 

From the ranks of a volunteer, Jan's involvement with the Foundation continued to grow and in 2010 she joined the Board of Directors. Acting as Board Chair from 2012-2016, Jan continued serving as a Board Member until June of this year (2017). Thankfully, she is refusing to leave us and plans to stay on as an event volunteer and an enthusiastic advocate within the community.

Truly with a golden heart, Jan's volunteerism reaches far beyond the Children's Foundation: she has served as Board Chair for the Heart and Stroke Foundation, she volunteers with Dublin Street United Church, and organizes and prepares the weekly hot suppers at Royal City Church in downtown Guelph. She also volunteers with Syrian families, helping with everything from how to apply for licenses, how to take buses, taking them to appointments, providing support and a family connection for their children and referring them to organizations such as the Children's Foundation, particularly the Free to Play Program.

Jan's motivation to volunteer was developed at an early age and instilled as one of her core family values. "It's always been part of my lifestyle," she says. She has shared those values with her family as well and been joined by her daughter at several volunteer events. 

One of Jan's most memorable experiences with the Children's Foundation is volunteering with the Southern Ontario Amazing Race. She finds it a particularly motivating and inspiring experience, driven by a remarkable leadership committee. She loves listening to the racers about their event challenges and overcoming obstacles along the way.

When asked what Jan has gained from volunteering with the Foundation, she emphasizes that it's the insight into the lives of various communities of children, particularly evident in the Adopt-A-Family and Food & Friends Programs. "The stories of families are humbling," says Jan, referring to the many life stories she's heard over the years and how positive the impact of the Children's Foundation has been on their well-being.

When asked what she would say to new volunteers, Jan said she would tell them, "I hope you get as much job satisfaction and enjoyment as I have, realizing that you are working as part of a team who are there to help you and having fun while doing it."

Thank you, Jan, for your continued dedication and advocacy! You are a huge part of our history and we would not be where we are without you.



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Anu Saxena is a Volunteer with a Heart for Giving



Anu remembers when she first heard about the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington throughout the community. She remembers seeing its programs advertised in local newspapers and, with a heart for helping those in need, she was drawn to the organization.

Her first involvement volunteering with the Foundation was in 2011 when she became the Children’s Foundation Food & Friends Breakfast/Lunch Program Coordinator at Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic High School, where her son was attending. She immediately saw the difference the program made in students’ lives and stayed on as the Program Coordinator for eight years, loving every moment of it. She saw how positively the program affected students on a daily basis, helping youth unlock their potential to achieve excellent results. She truly believes that Food & Friends is “bringing healthy food to hungry minds.”

Food & Friends relies on volunteers like Anu to administer the programs within the schools; their dedicated time and support makes it possible for the Program to continue reaching the children that need it most, positively impacting the lives of local students by offering access to healthy nutrition. Currently, Anu sits on the Food & Friends Committee, representing Guelph student nutrition programs and working to improve program delivery.

Impressed and moved by Food & Friends, Anu looked into the Foundation’s other programs, hopeful to become engaged in other areas of the organization. She quickly became a part of the Children’s Foundation team of elite volunteer leaders, the Sunshine Squad, advocating on behalf of the Foundation within the community and promoting its programs at community events. She also volunteers at the Foundation’s own events including the annual Around the World Gala, Fore Our Kids Golf Tournament, Trees for Tots and many third party events. No matter where the need, Anu is always willing to help with a kind smile and a generous heart, exemplifying the giving characteristics of a volunteer.

Anu says her role as a Children’s Foundation volunteer has been a humbling experience, allowing her to give back to the community in a meaningful and impactful way. It has helped her grow personally, developing a new understanding of people’s needs, right in her own community. Anu feels the Children’s Foundation is making Guelph a better place to live, and she is so happy to be a part of it.

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Grace and Mark Evans: Volunteers AKA Angels in Disguise



The Food for Thought Breakfast Program started in 1999, when the principal at the time noticed that students were going into the cafeteria looking for food that was a day old or going to be discarded.  The Guelph Collegiate Vocational Institute staff members realized there was a real need as students did not seem to have enough food in their lunch or get them through the day.   

The need was met by the breakfast program, serving students five days a week from 7:30-8:30 a.m. out of the kitchen at St. James Church, located across the road from the school. Grace and Mark Evans coordinate the program and its volunteers, managing grocery shopping, menu planning, safe food handling, food preparation and proper clean-up. This coordinated effort ensures each student has access to nutritious food to start their school day. Grace and Mark also help fundraise for the program and make sure all receipts are balanced and handed in to the school for monthly reporting.    

Even though Grace and Mark’s own children are grown and no longer involved with the program, the pair continues to arrive at St. James Church each weekday morning at 7:00 a.m. to prepare a healthy breakfast for the students who need it. They have grown to know and love the 35-40 students who visit the program daily. Their priority is certainly proper nutrition for these students, but they go on to explain that the program offers much more than that. They often interact with students who do not have a reliable adult role model at home, so they have the opportunity to truly impact all areas of the students’ lives. They often have students working on homework and talking about career choices and they do their best to model positive behaviour for the students. While they do not have a lot of rules, respect tops the list and Grace and Mark proudly report that all of the students are respectful of them, the rules and each other. 

Grace loves the opportunity to make gentle suggestions to try new foods and experiment with healthy food that the students often have not had access to.

This program provides a safe space for students, with a positive and caring environment. There is no judgement, so students often feel comfortable opening up and discussing their issues. Grace and Mark often keep in touch with students after graduation and celebrate their success in post-secondary education, as well as their career and life successes. They were especially touched when one of the students supported through his high school years came in one morning for a visit. This young man attended the Food for Thought Breakfast Program regularly when he was a student at GCVI, and grew to know and respect Grace and Mark. He was so impacted by the program that he wanted his wife and children to meet these “angels” who were there for him throughout high school. The reality is Grace and Mark often do not know the reasons that bring students to Food for Thought, but what they do know is they are making a difference in the lives of many of these students.

We extend our sincerest thanks to Grace and Mark for over 15 years of volunteer service with the Children’s Foundation Food & Friends Program and all of the support they have provided to the students of the GCVI Food for Thought Breakfast Program.


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Dawn Kelly

Dawn's Family

Dawn was looking to volunteer in an office position which she felt would help her to both maintain her current administrative skills as well as help her learn new skills while looking for paid employment in her field.

The Children's Foundation helped me fund my children's soccer and camp fees and so I felt that volunteering with this organization would be my way of 'giving back' for the help. My volunteer work has put me in a happier frame of mind and provided me with a very positive environment to get involved with the bigger picture.

My self-esteem has been boosted by the appreciation that's shown by the staff at the Children's Foundation. They make me feel valued and I know what to expect when I come in to do my volunteer hours - courtesy, respect, support, encouragement and consistency. As a past client, and now a volunteer, I can educate others about the programs that are available. This financial support can enhance the lives of families. This makes me feel good about sharing my story with others.

I feel like I'm helping the community and that I'm part of the 'bigger picture.' Volunteering makes me feel like a more positive member of society and makes me feel like I'm making a difference. On one occasion, as an ambassador of the Children's Foundation at the Multicultural Festival, I was able to provide information about programs and services that families might not otherwise have known about. This sharing of information may result in members of the public seeking out the help that they need.

When I think about what impact volunteering has on others, I'm reminded of my childhood and going to camp for a week with my brother. The volunteer camp counsellors really cared about the campers, they helped me feel more confident and helped me in building new friendships with the other campers. I grew personally and in my relationship with my brother through this experience.

When I told my son that I was volunteering, he seemed proud of me. He can see that I'm interested in helping others and that is providing a positive example for him.                                                                                     









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Patti Schopp

galaawardIt is no exaggeration to say that Patti Schopp is one of the Children’s Foundation’s most enthusiastic volunteers! For this enthusiasm and dedication, Patti was recognized as our 2015 Volunteer of the Year.

Patti doesn’t only coordinate one Food and Friends student nutrition program, she coordinates three at Waverley Drive public school - a breakfast, snack and lunch program. She has also taken a leadership role as a mentor and site supervisor for many University of Guelph students.

Patti is a member of the Children’s Foundation Sunshine Squad - a group of volunteers that represent the Children's Foundation at community events. Patti has helped at Ribfest, the Fergus Family Info Fair and many other events. She truly is a ray of sunshine with her big smile and wonderful laugh.patti


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Tara Bernard-McCabe


taraTara Bernard-McCabe was presented with the 2011 Volunteer of Year Award. Tara fulfills the very demanding job of program coordinator for not just one but two student nutrition programs in Shelburne. She has managed these programs with efficiency and creativity, making one of the programs financially self-sustainable with her incredible ability to garner support from the community and businesses in Shelburne. She inspires us with your energy and commitment to the student nutrition programs and the students that attend.


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Jeanne Forsythe

"I am proud to be involved in an organization like the Children’s Foundation that makes a difference in young people’s lives.”

Jeanne Forsythe has played a significant part in the phenomenal growth of The Children’s Foundation. In 1976, while she was an employee for Family & Children’s Services, she was involved in the establishment of the Stephen Promoli Memorial Fund. The Fund was started by the Family & Children’s Services Board of Directors to honour the memory of Stephen Promoli who tragically lost his life while on a canoeing trip.  The purpose of the Fund was to provide life enrichment opportunities, like summer camp and sports and arts activities to disadvantaged children in Guelph and Wellington County.
Jeanne has great memories of the early years and being involved with fundraising that included many nights in bingo halls and forming an early partnership with the Guelph Wish Fund for Children event held in March of each year. She also played an important part in engaging both of the school boards into referring disadvantaged children for funding of school and community enrichment programs.

In 1991, Jeanne played a role in the transition of the Stephen Promoli Memorial Fund to become part of the newly formed Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington. She continued with similar roles in fundraising and granting funds for children in need. She was actively involved in the establishment in 2001 of the Promoli Family Fund in memory of Fred Promoli, former Executive Director of Family & Children’s Services.  The purpose of this fund was to establish a scholarship program for youth in the care of Family & Children’s Services. Once she retired from Family and Children’s Services in 2005, she took on a new role with The Children’s Foundation as a member of the Marketing Committee on which she still sits. She is very excited about her role in celebrating the history of the organization while making progress for the future. She was very pleased with the Guelph Mercury feature that was distributed in June, 2008 in that it was a great way to tie all of the programs and work that The Children’s Foundation does together.

A smile comes to her face when she recalls receiving letters from kids that went to camp and how great of an experience it was for them during that summer. However, the greatest reward comes on the occasions when she is approached in public by adults who recognize her, thank her, and let her know that an important part of their childhood was the funding that they received for camp or other activities. To see how these children have grown into fine adults is what makes all of her work worthwhile.


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Linda Ghent


lindaLinda Ghent was presented with the award for Volunteer of the Year in 2012. Linda has shown true dedication for the JD Hogarth nutrition program by being the program coordinator for over 6 years. The program at JD Hogarth makes healthy snacks available to its 570 students all five days of the week. To make this happen, Linda spends countless hours a week on every aspect of the program: shopping, fundraising, food prep, and food distribution. We are inspired with her energy and commitment to the program and the students that attend.

Congratulations and Thank you to Linda for all that you do!


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Jessica Haylow

Jessica Haylow is an inspiring young lady who goes above and beyond by giving her time to support our Food and Friends Program. Two years ago, Jessica agreed to take on the responsibility of enhancing the Sacred Heart School Snack Program. She has excelled at volunteer management, menu planning, financial accountability and most of all the amazing way she connects with the students of the school. Jessica has an incredible commitment to ensuring that the students at Sacred Heart are getting nutritious snacks.  She has also helped to bring security to the program by raising one of the highest dollar amounts during the Live Free campaign this past March.
"It brings me great joy seeing the students get their healthy snack which is helping to facilitate in their daily learning. Seeing the excitement on the students’ faces on snack day is the most rewarding feeling I could ask for.”  
-Jessica Haylow

For her dedication and support of the Children’s Foundation, Jessica was awarded the 2010 Volunteer of the Year award.

Pictured to the right is Glenna Banda and Jessica Haylow


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Joanne McCombie

We were honoured to present our Volunteer of the Year award to Joanne McCombie at this year's gala. Adopt-A-Family is an impactful and successful program that would not be possible without the commitment of a dedicated team of volunteers. Each of these volunteers was a critical part of the program being able to assist 750 families in 2012. One of these volunteers is Joanne McCombie who puts in an incredible amount of time on-site and throughout the year. In 2012, Joanne took on the role of volunteer coordinator for the program. She recruited, oriented and scheduled over 30 on-site volunteers in roles from gift wrapping to accounting assistants. Joanne’s attention to detail and commitment to the program is a great asset to Adopt-A-Family.
Thank you Joanne for all that you do!

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Jessie McConnell

On behalf of the Food and Friends team and The Children's Foundation - congratulations to Jessie McConnell on the well deserved nomination for the Women of Distinction awards. Jessie, Breakfast Program Coordinator at the GCVI Breakfast Club, has been nominated in the Volunteer Category. Ann Murray, Rector’s Warden, from St. James Anglican Church who host the program wrote this great letter in support of Jessie's nomination:

My acquaintance with Jessie began in the late spring of 2011 when she applied to be the Co-ordinator of our Breakfast Club for G.C.V.I. students. From the outset, I have found her to be enthusiastic, innovative and extremely conscientious as well as remarkably personable.


As a very busy third year university student in the Family Relations & Applied Nutrition Department, University of Guelph, she, nevertheless, has been able to carry a very responsible load as the Co-ordinator of our Breakfast Club, held every weekday morning at the church. This has required that she be out of her house and at the bus stop in time to ensure she arrives at the church at or before 7 a.m. every Monday through Friday during term in order to set up the parish hall for the students and lay out the breakfast in time for the students’ arrival before 8 a.m. Despite considerable health challenges, she never complains, is considerate, totally reliable and routinely seeks out ways to improve the program.

Her tasks as the Breakfast Club Co-ordinator go well beyond the daily on-site activities, since she is responsible for ensuring that the menu-planning and grocery shopping meet the on-going nutritional needs of the students and this she does with aplomb. Moreover, she is responsible for seeking out and applying for funding in a timely manner from a variety of granting agencies and organizations and has gone out of her way to seek other sources of funding from her own personal connections.

She interacts very well with our adult volunteers and has recruited a large team of university students who volunteer in the program as well – a clear indication of the benefits of her engaging personality, her exceptional leadership skills and her genuine commitment to the Breakfast Club. She is certainly a strong role model for women; both for the high school students who use the Breakfast Club and for her university peers. When one considers her relatively young age, her accomplishments are even more impressive.

Although my experience with Jessie is limited to her work here at St. James, I am well aware of her many other interests that greatly enhance the life both of the community at large and of the university. When I was asked to provide a letter of support for this nomination, I accepted without any hesitation. On behalf of the St. James Community, I confirm that Jessie McConnell is highly deserving of the recognition that comes with being named a Woman of Distinction in Guelph.


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Mandy Morrison

Tell us why you decided to become a Food and Friends volunteer and the impact the position has had on you.Mandy Morrison

"The classic stereotype of a volunteer is someone who has lots of time to spare and is looking for something to do. For me, this is not the case! Despite my busy schedule, I do my best to arrive early every Wednesday morning at the breakfast program organized by Chef Nicole at Centre Wellington District High School in Fergus.

When it comes to volunteering, not everyone is motivated by the same factors. Not only is it a great way to start your day, but I volunteer for a variety of reasons, including my desire to ensure children start their day well-nourished. As the oldest child of a shift-working single mom living on a tight budget, a healthy breakfast wasn’t always available and my sister and I often went to school hungry. Many years later, after obtaining a degree in nutrition, I recognize that students who are given a nutritious breakfast daily, make significant improvements in learning, school attendance, behaviour and self-esteem. The specific thing I like about the program at CWDHS is that breakfast is available to all students, thus alleviating any social stigma that may discourage children from participating in these breakfast programs. In fact, on any given day we can serve up to 600 students a healthy, balanced breakfast, giving them all a jump start on their day of learning.

I’ve been privileged to meet many wonderful staff and student volunteers who commit their time to provide a nutritious breakfast to students who might otherwise go without. For all of us, when you volunteer for a cause you believe in, motivation comes easy!"

Mandy Morrison,
Volunteer at Wake Up Wellington Breakfast Program
Centre Wellington District High School

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Nancy Revie

I love volunteering for The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington. Why? Because it’s a place where I can use my gifts and skills to bless others and nothing feels better than that!Nancy Revie

My association with this organization is quite by accident. It’s one of those – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know! One of my most wonderful friends works for Food & Friends – she was looking for volunteers and that’s all I needed to know. It wasn’t that I was particularly passionate about this organization, it was because I cared for the workers that I became a volunteer. The passion grew.

What an amazing journey it has been. Volunteering for The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington has allowed me to be involved in the community; meet new friends; make a difference and have fun while doing it. Life doesn’t get better than that!

My ‘volunteer style’ is of the episodic volunteer. Basically, that means I like to volunteer for something that has a specific beginning and end. I’m not very effective sitting on a board or committee or anything that takes a long collaborative time to process. HOWEVER, if you ask me to sell raffle-tickets at the upcoming dinner/dance fundraiser – I’m in! I love the thrill of being totally immersed while I’m volunteering.

Nancy GalaI’ve found several volunteer areas in The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington where I can utilize my episodic volunteering gifts. Where can you have more fun that filling up water bottles at the annual Guelph Rifest? Or how about selling tickets and being the ‘runner’ at the Fall Gala? So much fun, while supporting awesome staff in an organization that makes a significant positive impact on the lives of children and their families – right in our own community.

I may never see the recipients of my volunteer efforts, but I know they are out there. I read the impact statements; I see the fund raising dollars grow; I know this organization makes a difference…and for that I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer with them.

Volunteering is a great community sport – it’s free and fun – give it a try – you’ll be glad you did!

Submitted by:
Nancy Revie

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Jason Clattenburg



(Jason working on the Children's Foundation's Santa Claus parade float in 2013)

"We make a living by what we get but we make a life by what we give"   - Winston Churchill

Jason Clattenburg makes a living by working at Toyota Manufacturing but that is such a small piece of who he is.  Jason has been an incredible volunteer to the Children's Foundation in so many ways.

Southern Ontario Amazing Race Director for 7 years (going on 8!) with countless hours going into meetings, planning, constructing, executing, and clean up.  It is almost a year round commitment with very little down time.

Worked on the Santa Claus Parade float in 2013.

Volunteers for the Trees for Tots program every year.

Builds the major decor pieces for the Around the World Gala for the past two years, bringing our gala to another level.

In just a call, Jason is there with a smile to help us with random things like picking up 120 cases of donated Wellington Brewery beer for our golf tournament!

We were thrilled to be able to honour Jason as our Volunteer of the Year at our Gala in October and look forward to every opportunity to work with him in the future.  

 award night

Jason with his Volunteer of the Year award at the Viva Las Vegas Gala on October 18

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Vikki Palmer




Vikki is relatively new to our team of volunteers here at the Children's Foundation, and what an asset she has become! Vikki volunteers on a weekly basis, coming to the office by bus. We are so impressed with her dedication; no matter what the weather holds, heat or rain, she will be here smiling and ready to go.

Vikki sees her volunteer involvement as an excellent way to keep her computer skills current, and her strong administrative skills help our team to keep things running smoothly. Because of volunteers like Vikki, we are able to efficiently and effectively deliver important programming to families in our communities that are most in need of support.

Vikki proudly shares that it has been her children that have encouraged her to volunteer, as they have grown up volunteering for various community agencies. Vikki believes that volunteerism enhances a person's well-being and says that “the passion of the Children’s Foundation is infectious” and has benefited her in a very positive way.  

As a single parent herself, Vikki has an unwavering compassion for the families that are supported by the Children's Foundation; she warmly greets and assists them in our office and her kind gentle ways make them feel comfortable and happy to see a welcoming face.

Vikki's openness and warmth is a prime example of the true compassion our volunteers share here at the Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington.

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Nicole Debeyer


Nicole has always volunteered in the community, she believes that it's everyones calling to provide service. "It just makes sense to me to share my cooking skills, to teach students to cook and to provide other students with nutritious meals at little or no cost.

"The fundraising activities for the breakfast program at my school have provided a valuable networking oppurtunitiy which increases my engagement in the community. The Food & Friends Program has became a part of my identity and has given me a sense of purpose in providing such positive benefits to students through cooking and serving others. When you help someone else you feel better as a person and it gives you great purpose in life.  

"My volunteer programs are also appreciated financially by parents in the community who otherwise might not be able to provide nutritious meals for their children. Children who otherwise might not eat breakfast do better in class and in life in general when they receive a nutritious meal. I can see positive changes in a lot of students who are involved in the breakfast program and the volunteers have developed their social skills through their involvement. Two student volunteers now attend the Stratford Culinary School as a result of the positive influence of their volunteer work with our breakfast program.

"Volunteer students tell me that they really look forward to attending my cooking class and helping with the breakfast plan. Their enjoyment of volunteering helps them to appreciate the school environment as a whole."

Nicole said that when she was a cadet in Girl Guides, there was a leader volunteer who was very kind and positive and made her feel more included in activities, providing a sense of belonging within the group. She understands that this is the kind of impact you can have on people when you volunteer. Nicole has also shared her spirt of volunteerism with her two daughters and they have also volunteered with the breakfast program at their highschool. "My daughters seem to have followed in their mother's footsteps as they believe in the importance of community service."

Nicole is making many lives brighter!

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Cindy Copeland

When Cindy Copeland moved to Guelph over 10 years ago from Toronto, she wanted to get out and meet some new people and get involved in the community.  She decided volunteering would be a great way to do so.  Cindy found the Children’s Foundation Adopt-A-Family program and has now been with the program for 11 years.

Since she first began volunteering, the Adopt-A-Family program has grown from supporting a few hundred families to now helping over 900 families.  Cindy shared that, “when the program first started, it was literally run out of the purse of one of the founding Adopt-A-Family volunteers.  A family was referred by a social worker, money would come out of that purse to go shop for them, and the need would be met.  It wasn’t formal, there was no tracking or paperwork, it was simply a few women who cared about children and families in need. We felt this special season was one time when we could come together to make someone’s life a little brighter.” 

Cindy 2

“It is just humbling that there are so many families right here in Guelph and Wellington County that simply cannot make Christmas happen for their children,” said Cindy.  Her affection and commitment to this cause is contagious and spreads both through the Adopt-A-Family workshop and her personal life.  Cindy’s family members and friends get involved in many different ways because of her enthusiasm and her family is very supportive of  her volunteerism because they are very proud of what she does.

Cindy works close to full-time for a few months leading up to Christmas, but it doesn’t stop there as she works throughout the year preparing for the season. One of Cindy’s personal traditions is using cloth gift bags instead of paper wrapping as there is just so much waste.  She decided the Adopt-A-Family families should be part of this tradition as well. Cindy purchases fabric all year and Adopt-A-Family takes over her home for months before the holidays as she organizes sewing bees to make these gift bags.  This year, Cindy and her sewing elves have made over 1,000 cloth gift bags.  Cindy says, “What’s really nice is a lot of the bags are not holiday prints so they can be used by the families year round. Hopefully, this allows the families to carry these warm feelings with them wherever they go.”

Cindy speaks fondly of one close friend who, along with her sister and 94-year old mother, makes handmade quilts for the program.  This friend doesn’t even live in Guelph, and yet she still chooses the Adopt-A-Family program to donate over 40 beautiful handmade quilts, just so the families will feel loved and special over the holiday season.

In speaking about the challenges of volunteer work, Cindy admitted that there can be times when things seem difficult. “Years ago, the program was run solely by volunteers which was a lot of work, and there were at times conflicting views and ideas of what to do. There is no permanent home for Adopt-a-Family, so every year the program is faced with the challenge of finding a suitable location.  The setting up and tearing down is a lot of work.”

Cindy’s volunteer work is a big commitment and there are things in her personal life that go without in order to make this program happen.  In spite of the sacrifice and the challenges over the years Cindy said, “it’s the warm, fuzzy feeling that I get working on the program that keeps me coming back.”  She was quick to add that, “ the Adopt-A-Family volunteers are only one piece of the puzzle. There is also the donors, the families and the social workers that are part of the whole.”  But Cindy sees the Adopt-A-Family volunteers as “the glue that holds it all together.”  Cindy’s reward is seeing the outcome of all the hard work and so many families being supported over the holidays. That is true meaning of Christmas to an Adopt-A-Family volunteer.   

By volunteering with Adopt-A-Family, Cindy has not only found a meaningful way to give back to her community, she has also developed wonderful friendships and lasting memories.

The Children’s Foundation is indebted to all the volunteers who tirelessly run the Adopt-A-Family Program year after year.  “It’s amazing how many volunteers come back every year to work together in order to create a special Christmas for children,” commented Program Director, Karyn Kirkwood. “Cindy, like so many of our volunteers, shies away from the spotlight, preferring to shine the light on the whole team. Her leadership at Santa’s workshop exemplifies all the best qualities one would expect in one of Santa’s elves, and I can’t imagine the program without her warmth, humour, and can-do attitude on the team.”

Let us take this opportunity to say thank you to Cindy for all of her efforts over the years.  She has made such a huge difference in the lives of so many families.


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Adopt-A-Family Volunteer Team.

AAF Family

The volunteer team Christmas spirit abounds this year at the site of Adopt-A-Family (AAF) on Huron Street in Guelph.

Claire is a volunteer editor and she works in the office ensuring that every detail of the donor and recipient paperwork for AAF is accurate and complete. Claire loves her position and states that "what keeps me here is the people", meaning all the other volunteers as well as the donors and recipients. Her exclamation that "you make friends here and they stay your friends" suggests that Claire has found a place where she belongs helping others in need experience a better Christmas. Claire has 'corralled' a bunch of her friends into helping out with AAF. Some of these friends are from other communities so the help that these volunteers contribute is from a far.

Linda has been a volunteer for six years with AAF and found out about the program through a friend when she first moved to Guelph. She loves Christmas and this is her way of giving back to the community. Linda shared the fact that AAF started with 1 volunteer about 25+ years ago and now recruits over 40 volunteers in order to be able to fill all of the needs of the program. Among the volunteers are Linda's husband and some of her friends. Linda explains that many of the needs that recipients ask for aren't what you'd expect at Christmas time, as requests such as food and sanitary products far outweigh asking for a 'treat' gift. Linda loves volunteering as the rewards of helping families in need is enormous and she is overwhelmed with the "thank you notes" the program receives from the family recipients. As a mother and a grandmother, Linda says that her volunteer work generates respect from her entire family. Linda's gift to her family this year is adopting a family on their behalf the gift that keeps on giving. 

Pat has been volunteering for three years, doing filing and other administrative  support tasks.  The Women in Crisis referrals are special to Pat; sometimes the Christmas wishes might be as simple as a Christmas tree. When asked what she likes about volunteering for AAF, Pat responded that the volunteer team has good leadership, you get to know the people, build relationships, and for a lot of the retired people, this has taken the place of the working relationships they once had.

Joanne is retired, and has been a volunteer and donor for five years. She was looking for some way to give back to the community in a way that is exemplified by the philosophy of AAF. Joanne can see the impact of the Christmas spirit in every aspect of AAF including the volunteer team, donors and recipients. She is so happy to help everyone experience the joy of Christmas, supported by the look of happiness "that you can see on everyone's faces". Joanne is spurred on by the other volunteers as their excitement is 'contagious'. Joanne credits much of the success of AAF to how much the donors love giving to the program as that's 'key'. Some of the donors are friends of Joanne's from the Toronto and Brampton area as she has spread the word far and wide. She noted that there are also donors who were former recipients of the program who are now in a financial position to 'pay it forward'.

Joanne says it's all about the engagement, we feed off each other as volunteers.  We all just want to be part of the excitement.  What makes this program unique is that the volunteers help with the organization of the program therefore they really get to feel a sense of ownership. Right from the beginning they take the time to work through the whole process with you, volunteers even help with the interviewing and training of new volunteers. Joanne recalls that for years the program was run solely by volunteers, and it has only been in the past few years that there has been a dedicated staff person involved full-time.

Cindy is a volunteer that has been with the program for 11 years. When she moved from Toronto to Guelph she was interested in meeting new people.  She saw an Adopt-A-Family volunteer ad and responded to the call for help, as she too was looking for a meaningful way of being involved in the community. Cindy speaks of the warm fuzzy feeling and the reward of seeing the outcome of her and the team's hard work. Cindy has adult kids who are proud of what she does, which includes sewing of fabric gift bags, shopping year round for Adopt-A-Family, and donating space in her home to store all the items and cloth bags prior to moving into the temporary AAF home every year.

As a whole, the volunteers talk about the wonderful leadership they have benefited from, and the teamwork that happens when things get busy. One of the greatest wishes of the Adopt-A-Family team is that they may one day find a permanent home. As the need grows and the workload increases, the volunteers tire after a busy season. Setting up and tearing down would be one less job to do at the end of an already busy season if they have their own home.  

They are collectively so proud that the program has grown, from helping just a small number of families when it first began to now helping over 1,100 families, and they are all so humbled by the fact that there are so many families who just can't make Christmas happen.  Many of the volunteers speak of a wonderful Christmas they have had the privilege of enjoying with their families and they want similar experiences for all children.

Truth be told, the Adopt-A-Family volunteer team is one that has been years in the making.  In a recent interview with some of the volunteers who have served the longest they tell a story of friendship, inspiration and community.  They describe the program as a Win-Win-Win-Win. The donors win by contributing to something so special; the social workers win by being able to ensure families they are working with get the help they need at Christmas (not to mention getting to deliver the presents, just like a real-life Santa Claus!); and the families win by receiving not only the generous gifts from their 'adoptive' donors but also by receiving the gift of hope. And finally, the volunteers win, knowing they are the glue that holds it all together and that through their tireless efforts as Adopt-A-Family elves, so many children will be helped.  It's a wonderful Christmas for everyone involved.  


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Michael Douglas


.MD 2

Michael Douglas started volunteering for the Children's Foundation in 2015, in the years he has been involved in the organization he has become instrumental in the planning and organization of Trees for Tots.  Michael has taken this event on in a profound and very personal way.  It is with certainty that we can say this event would not be what it is without his dedication and outstanding support.

His motivation for becoming a Tree for Tots (T4T) volunteer is both unique and very personal. As he touchingly tells his tale, "One very blustery winter day in November 2014, I was clearing the snow for an elderly neighbour, when I was approached by a lady who had been waiting in the vicinity for a taxi to take her home across town. The taxi was hours late as a result of the inclement weather, so I gave her a ride home and in the process learned that she was somehow related to a young man named Terry Jay who had tragically lost his life a few months earlier, helping someone in distress on the road. I was very taken by her stories about Terry. He was obviously a very kind person and he had been instrumental in establishing the inaugural Trees for Tot’s fundraising event with the CFGW. I was so moved by her story and Terry’s dream of helping children that after returning home I went online to learn more about Terry and the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington. The next day, I contacted the CFGW and asked to be registered as a volunteer with just a small introductory role in the upcoming 2015 Trees for Tots event."

Michael first volunteered with Trees for Tots in 2015 as a driver's helper, picking up trees at the curb and administering the related route paperwork. As he began to volunteer at other CFGW events such as the Fore Our Kids Golf Tournament, Brush Off, Rotary Club Ribfest, and the Around the World Gala, he felt compelled to assume a much larger volunteer role in 2016 Trees for Tots 2016. Michael got involved at each and every level of the event planning process in order to learn as much as he could about developing the entire event from the ground up. "Jumping in with both feet" he assumed an even broader volunteer role with the leadership team for Trees for Tots 2017.

Michael's astonishing contribution as T4T event team volunteer in 2017 started in September of the previous year with countless volunteer hours arranging everything from identifying sites and getting permission for mobile signage to promote T4T, to publicity, marketing and public awareness, to reaching an agreement with the Ignatius Jesuit Centre to receive the entire volume of mulch generated by the event for use on their extensive network of nature trails and other property environs.

Michael sums up what he gets out of volunteering with a nationally recognized, successful charity like the Children’s Foundation when he says "it allows one to put their knowledge and skills to productive use and instantly see the tangible results of their efforts mirrored in the faces of so many children".



As Michael shares what he gets out of volunteering, it seems only appropriate to share the benefit to the organization he serves.Volunteering is at the very core of a human being, no one has made it through life without help from someone.  Michael is the volunteer who has decided he wants to make a difference, he doesn’t volunteer because it's easy, he volunteers because it's worth it.  Volunteers like Michael, make what we do possible, the Children's Foundation family of staff, volunteers, donors and community supporters join hands and together work to ensure that every child in our community will have a brighter future.  We will continue to work together until we meet the needs of every child in our community. 

Thanks so much Michael for all of your hard work and dedication in enriching the lives of so many children and their families through the many ways you support the Children's Foundation!


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Mike Pecora, It's A Family Affair.


Mike Pecora originally learned about Trees for Tots when he read an article in the local newspaper.  Mike was impressed with the work that Children’s Foundation is doing locally, and felt inspired to get involved.  Having equipment that would be of benefit to Trees for Tots, and strong belief in volunteering for the community, he signed up as a volunteer and has been involved with Trees for Tots for the past 3 years. His wife Kate and eight year old daughter Sophie joined the team 2 years ago.  As Mike puts it "We look at it as an excellent family opportunity to contribute to a great cause and help local children."

 Mike Pecora

“The drive to the morning orientation meeting includes a pep-talk for Sophie about helping people in need and giving our time in a selfless way, with no expectation of thanks.  Everyone has a job on our family crew…I drive and load trees, Kate organizes the routes, donations and directions and Sophie is the ‘runner’, hanging the door flyers and gathering the donations. Volunteering for Trees for Tots gives us a sense of community and being part of a well-organized event.   An event that offers great value to donors, a needed service to residents and raises much needed funds for a very worthwhile cause.  We think of the many blessings that we enjoy on a daily basis and are conscious of the fact that this is not the case for many others in our community. We do not volunteer to make ourselves feel good or to promote anything other than the fact that we all have something to offer to others in our community”.  


Mike hopes that anyone considering volunteering in any way, locally or otherwise, takes the opportunity soon, “It will make a difference, we see how dedicated everyone from Trees for Tots and the Children’s Foundation is and are so happy to be part of this great event.  We look forward to doing it for years to come."Coming Soon.

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Jane Vander Velden

Meet Jane: Jane is a teacher and volunteer coordinator with the Children’s Foundation Food & Friends Student Nutrition Program at Centre Peel Public School.


Jane was the driving force behind the development and growth of this school’s morning meal program. She started the program 10 years ago, seeing a real need at the school. “The children were coming to school hungry and just were not able to learn properly.”

She tells the story of one family that was experiencing hard times and the children were coming to school hungry; there was no question that this family needed a little more. Jane saw the need and made sure the children got enough food to get them through the day, often feeding them lunch and snacks. 

It was realities like this that drove Jane to start a morning meal program at the school. Since then, with the support of Food & Friends, Jane has been providing breakfast to students two days a week. It did not take long for other teachers to notice the benefits and Jane knew she had to find a way to feed each student every day of the week.

In the beginning Jane had a huge undertaking in front of her and took on all of the necessary tasks: she shopped early Monday mornings from a 24-hour grocery store, prepared the food, delivered it to classrooms, and cleaned up afterwards. Today, Jane can be truly proud of how the program has developed. With a great system in place and the Ontario Student Nutrition Services food delivery program, morning meals are now offered daily, effectively and efficiently by teacher facilitators.

The program is not without its challenges: there is little money and fundraising is difficult. Many families are from Mennonite communities and work long hours on family farms. Jane said her reward is giving every child the ability to learn: the smiles on their faces make all the difference. 

Jane’s experience volunteering with the Children’s Foundation Food & Friends Program has given her the reward of knowing what she is providing proper nutrition so every student has the opportunity to learn and grow.

Jane is retiring at the end of this year and will be leaving her post as the program coordinator for the Centre Peel morning meal program. She has left a great legacy and we thank Jane for the huge difference she has made in the lives of local children.

Best of luck in your next phase of life, Jane, thank you for all the great work you have done and the difference you’ve made!


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Volunteering as a Team

“Good Players Inspire Themselves; Great Players Inspire Others”


Group volunteering can include working alongside friends, neighbours, colleagues or your sports team. What differentiates group volunteering from individual volunteering is the teamwork necessary for its success. Group volunteering involves working together towards a common goal of making change in the community. When groups come together to serve their community it makes a huge impact, as groups can accomplish projects quickly and achieve more than individuals alone. Volunteering may also impact how group members see each other and how the community views the group.


Guelph Girls

The Guelph Regals Girls Lacrosse team knows that being able to work together as a team is one of the biggest assets that any group has. Volunteering as a team takes teamwork to a whole new level. The Regals girl’s decided to volunteer for the Children’s Foundation because they believe all kids should have an opportunity to participate and belong to a team. The girls have taken part in a number of events, including Canada Day at Riverside Park and Ribfest.

Another Guelph Regals lacrosse team had great success with their fundraising and donated some extra funds to the Children’s Foundation’s Free to Play program so other kids can play lacrosse. These teams are passionate about their sport and they know that as a team they can make a difference in their community, and not just on the lacrosse field.



Team volunteering has many benefits. Not only are you developing as a person, you are helping your team grow as a unit. Team volunteering empowers members of your group, and you may work together in ways that your team members may never have expected. Sure, you may work together on the field, but has your team ever worked together cooking food to serve at a Student Nutrition Program, or wrapping donated gifts for families who may not otherwise have gifts at Christmas. 




The Guelph Regals Girls pulled together as a team, building their skills and providing much-needed support in their community. They grew as individuals, in their game, in their friendships and on the field. Their commitment and passion paid off leading them to a Provincial Championship in 2017. Way to go Guelph Regals!

Would you like to get your sports team, corporate team, neighbourhood or friends together as a team and make a difference in your community? Group volunteering can occur as a short-term or one-time event, such as helping out at events like Canada Day at Riverside Park or Ribfest. This is an excellent opportunity to support group bonding and give your group a new and memorable experience.  For groups that prefer an ongoing commitment, there are ongoing fundraising initiatives and many more opportunities available. You can help your group foster a deeper commitment to each other, and to your community.

 “Teamwork- Less me and more we”


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Difference Maker, Game-Changer and Hand Raiser- Luke Berzins

Around the holidays, when most university students are gearing up for final exams, Luke Berzins generously donates his spare time and energy to helping our Trees for Tots committee.   His efforts have made a big difference to the initiative and he says the work comes with its own rewards. 

On that cold January day, over 200 volunteers come from all over the city to join in one cause, one goal, making life a little better for the kids in this community.  The volunteers are of different backgrounds and ages, however, they share in the same accomplishment when you see a project such as Trees for Tots from start to finish.

 Luke has made a big impression on the Children’s Foundation team right from the start.

“I first met Luke in 2017 when he inquired about volunteering with Trees for Tots”, says Outreach Coordinator Brenda Walsh. “I was immediately impressed with his work ethic and level of commitment, especially for a busy University Student.  In the depths of his Economic and Political Science studies at the U of G, I asked him to join our Trees for Tots Outreach Committee and he was quick to raise his hand and say ‘I will’. He has brought great value to our little working committee."

The Trees for Tots Committee meets and brainstorms ways to reach more of Guelph’s residents who purchase live Christmas trees. Currently we know that there are about 8,000 live trees purchased in the City of Guelph and last year we collected around 3,300. Luke, along with his committee, researched the locations, retailers and neighbourhoods where people buy and decorate live trees for the season.  They then try to reach as many of these homes as possible. Luke leads a group of volunteers who tirelessly comb the city hanging our Tree Tags on trees for sale at various retail locations.



As he speaks to business owners and store managers, he also knows he is increasing public awareness about the programs offered by The Children's Foundation.  Luke feels especially connected to the Free to Grow program.  “Playing sports cultivates self-esteem and helps kids build bonds that can last a life time,” he says.   It’s no wonder Luke is such a committed hand raiser!

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