Happily Ever After Donors

Thank you to all the generous community members and guests who made a donation leading up to the event, on the night of the event, and following the event. Collectively, you gave $52,945 to fund a Happily Ever After!

Nurmeen Ahmad, Glenna Banda, Michael Bennett, Suzanne Bone, Shawn Bradshaw, Liz Brant, Pam Brownlee, Geoff Cannon & Sharon Bennett, Jill Clemes & Brent Lang, Charmaine Collins, Adrian Devost, Nellie Diakiw, Mike Dienst, Daniel Doherty, Susan & Alex Frasson, Justine Gaskell, Donna Graham & Rick Woolfrey, Grant Habermehl, Rob Ireland, Karyn Kirkwood, Caitlin Koehler, Madison Lambden, Holly Lavelle, Barry Leidl, Anita Macfarlane, Doug MacMillan, Will Mactaggart, Trish McComb, Leslie McLaren, MF Property Management & Cowan Insurance, SERVPRO, Linda Migliaccio, Anna Olchowecki, Jennifer O’Neil, Kelly Pearson, Scott Pollard, Katherine Rentsch, Deb Reynard, Dale Robinson, Cindy Robinson, Susan Sabatini, Karyn Sales, Rishan Sathasivam, Tom Schuett, Jennifer Scott, Susan Stone, Laura Tessari, Andrew Tomson, Janet Trowbridge, Sharon Watson, Maddison Watson, Barbara Wood, Beverly-Ann Woods, Anonymous (7).