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The Adopt-A-Family Program matches donors with families in need in order to make Christmas shine a little brighter. In 2021, our donors provided Christmas gifts and grocery cards for 1,431 families and independent youth, which included 3,143 children and youth.
*While Adopt-A-Family is a Christmas holiday program, it is open to people of all backgrounds and traditions.

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Food & Friends
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The Food & Friends Program brings healthy food to hungry minds. Many children go to school unprepared to learn, lacking the proper nourishment needed to focus and perform well in their studies. In 2021, 103 student nutrition programs served over 17,000 students in an atmosphere of social inclusion amongst students who may otherwise feel marginalized.

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Free to Grow
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The Free to Grow Program nurtures the physical, social, emotional, and mental well-being of children and youth by funding recreational and life-skill opportunities such as sports, arts, camps, driver's education training and leadership development. Free to Grow also offers funding for mental health counselling for children and youth, as well as providing educational workshops for parents.

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The Scholarships Program provides financial support for post-secondary education to remove some of the barriers for youth. The criteria for recipients does not focus solely on academic standing but rather on life achievement and goals in the face of difficult life situations. In 2021, we awarded 24 scholarships to post secondary students, with the highest areas of study being arts, health care and social work. 

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