COVID-19 Support

During these challenging and uncertain times, our organization has chosen to respond with compassion and the willingness to help however we can. This pandemic has shone a bright spotlight on how truly interconnected we are, and has also highlighted the inequities in our world; and while we might say that we're all in the same storm, the truth is, we are not in the same boat. People living in poverty can have a very different experience of the world and their community than those in a more fortunate position.

This is something the Children's Foundation is familiar with and the driving force behind our COVID-19 support intiatives. We are working to help support those in poverty who are facing even more difficult times than usual.

If you are looking for support during these times, or a way to help, please check out our COVID-19 support initiatives:

AAF2020What is Adopt-A-Family 2.0?

With all the changes the pandemic has brought about in our community, we have had to re-think how to continue providing the support kids and families need in new and safe ways.

The safety of our team, our donors, and the community at large has been forefront in our planning. In the spirit of Santa Claus and the Elves, with a steadfast and jolly determination to bring hope and joy home for the holidays, we are pleased that we will be able to continue providing holiday support this year, although it will look different than how our program usually runs.

For Adopt-A-Family 2020, we will be moving to a Gift Card model. We will continue to partner with social and community agencies who will refer families in need to the program. Donors who wish to 'adopt' a family will still be able to do so, receiving information about the family they are supporting, including what gift cards will be most helpful for that family to purchase what they need for a special holiday.




What is Food & Friends at Home?

An evolution of our Fresh Food for Kids initiative, Food & Friends at Home will be supporting children and youth through their transition back to school. Our Fresh Food for Kids initiative worked to continue to support the needs of children and youth who rely on our Food & Friends student nutrition for food support. While most students will be returning to school, many programs, such as our Food & Friends student nutrition programs, are not able to run normally. This leaves many students who rely on these programs without the proper nutrition needed for a full day of learning. 

The Children's Foundation will continue to support these children and youth by delivering snack kits to families homes, providing one snack for each day of a two week period. These snacks willl be similar to what would be provided through a Food & Friends student nutrition program. Families with children and youth supported by our Food & Friends Program will be eligible to register for a Food & Friends at Home kit as of Friday, September 4th, 2020. 

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 Previous Support Initiatives

The Children’s Foundation jumped into action quickly to ensure that children and youth in our community were continuously supported during school closures, and recreational activity cancellations this year. We created two emergency support programs as extensions of our regular programs:

FTG at Home Logo 2With recreational activities such as swimming, camp and sports being cancelled during the summer months due to COVID-19, we were committed to find ways to keep children thinking, creating and moving. The value of play for children, especially during times of stress and uncertainty, cannot be underestimated.

Our Free to Grow at Home initiative worked in partnership with other local organization and businesses to provide recreational equipment, supplies and resources so that kids at home could continue the most important work of childhood - play! We were able to provide 935 Recreational Kits to local children during the summer months. You can read more about this initiative here. 


FFFK logo 2With the closing of schools in March, the Children's Foundation, in partnership with local organizations, responded with a temporary emergency support initiative called Fresh Food for Kids that provided nutritious food to local children and youth in need in Dufferin, Wellington and Guelph. This initiative was able to deliver 19,180 nutritious food kits to local children and youth. You can learn more about the impact this initiative had here.