Wellington Catholic District School Board

June 19, 2018

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The Wellington Catholic District School Board (WCDSB) has been a valued partner of the Children’s Foundation for many years. Working with students every day, their staff see firsthand the day-to-day struggles that some face. The staff connects these students to our programs through referrals to the Adopt-A-Family, Free to Grow and Scholarships Programs. A mom who recently received financial assistance for her daughter to take skating lessons shared that, “because of our financial challenge a few years ago, sending our daughter to some activities was questionable. Then around that time, the principal of her school sent out a monthly newsletter including info about the Free to Grow program. I was thrilled.”

The partnership with our Food & Friends Program goes even deeper. It’s imperative to have strong school board support in order to operate student nutrition programs. “The partnership that we’ve established with the WCDSB has created clear lines of communication which have assisted us in ensuring that nutritious food is getting to the students that need it,” says Anita Macfarlane, Program Director, Food & Friends. “It also helps us problem solve any issues that may arise, quickly ensuring that students can have the comfort of knowing the programs are there for them when needed.”

We were thrilled to be selected as a recipient of funding the 15th Annual Bishop’s Dinner for Community Needs. This longstanding community event has raised much-needed funds for various community programs over the years. In December 2017, $20,000 was donated from this event. The funds have been directed to Food & Friends and Free to Play in an effort to increase student success by providing healthy food and more opportunities for physical activity.

“We are delighted with the success of our event and pleased to be able to give,” says Tamara Nugent, Director of Education. “The overwhelming support of our sponsors and attendees never ceases to amaze me. It is a salient reminder of how collectively we tend to the wholeness of our community.”

As the WCDSB says, Wellington Catholic begins with “We”. We appreciate this support and partnership which helps us provide services to the students and we look forward to continuing this important work together. Our sincerest thanks to everyone involved in making this donation happen.

 WCDSB DHOF Image 2021

Emma Rogers presents Michael Glazier, Director of Education WCDSB
with their Visionary donor hall of fame plaque in the fall of 2021.