W.C. Wood Foundation

November 2, 2016

CFGW Benefactor Icon

 wood foundationThe W.C. Wood Foundation has provided support where needed over the years, often stepping up to meet emergency needs including providing funds to purchase grocery gift cards and gifts for teens for last minute Adopt-A-Family referrals. They recognize that the need is great in our community and want to be part of the "village" that helps support children who need our help. It is the W.C. Wood Foundation's hope that through their donations, and others in the community, these children's future will be incredible - they will be able to participate in the sports that they want to do and they will have the nourishment they need to support their minds and bodies, and accomplish their goals.

In 2016, the Children's Foundation was pleased to recognize the W.C. Wood Foundation as Visionary Donors. Susan Frasson shared why supporting the Children's Foundation is important to them in the video below.  Thank you to the W.C. Wood Foundation for being part of our village!