Volunteers Helping Families During Difficult Times

June 23, 2020

VolWhat do we do when a pandemic hits and we need to rethink how we deliver our Food & Friends school nutrition programs? We call on our amazing and dedicated volunteers to step up and help with our Fresh Food for Kids initiative! With 23 wonderful volunteers helping at our Elora packaging facility and more helping at our Guelph packaging facility, Fresh Food for Kids has been a huge success!

Now in its ninth week, Fresh Food for Kids is providing food to over 1,000 kids each week! But we could not do this without the help of our incredible volunteers. They have taken on the roles of picking up food at the grocery stores, packaging food in boxes for each family, creating delivery routes, and delivering each kit directly out to every family’s front door. And this doesn't go unnoticed - we receive thank you letters from families weekly, highlighting their deepest thanks to our volunteers:

Elora Vols

"I realize that the volunteers that make this program happen, made a conscious choice to leave the comfort and safety of their own home to ensure that me and my family are blessed with the comfort of sustenance. You and your valued team have made my dinner table something that my kids can appreciate."

Many of our volunteers have told us that “helping with the Fresh Food for Kids initiative is the highlight of our week, it feels so great to know the work we are doing is making a difference to the families during this difficult time”.

We couldn’t agree more – the many hours that our volunteers are working, are truly having a positive impact on the children and youth that we serve. We receive wonderful feedback from the Fresh Food for Kids recipients each week to pass along to our volunteers, thanking them for the dedication and love that they put into every kit!

So we are giving a huge shout-out to every one of our Fresh Food for Kids volunteers who make this initiative possible. Thank you for all that you do!