Volunteering as a Team

July 24, 2018

“Good Players Inspire Themselves; Great Players Inspire Others”


Group volunteering can include working alongside friends, neighbours, colleagues or your sports team. What differentiates group volunteering from individual volunteering is the teamwork necessary for its success. Group volunteering involves working together towards a common goal of making change in the community. When groups come together to serve their community it makes a huge impact, as groups can accomplish projects quickly and achieve more than individuals alone. Volunteering may also impact how group members see each other and how the community views the group.


Guelph Girls

The Guelph Regals Girls Lacrosse team knows that being able to work together as a team is one of the biggest assets that any group has. Volunteering as a team takes teamwork to a whole new level. The Regals girl’s decided to volunteer for the Children’s Foundation because they believe all kids should have an opportunity to participate and belong to a team. The girls have taken part in a number of events, including Canada Day at Riverside Park and Ribfest.

Another Guelph Regals lacrosse team had great success with their fundraising and donated some extra funds to the Children’s Foundation’s Free to Play program so other kids can play lacrosse. These teams are passionate about their sport and they know that as a team they can make a difference in their community, and not just on the lacrosse field.



Team volunteering has many benefits. Not only are you developing as a person, you are helping your team grow as a unit. Team volunteering empowers members of your group, and you may work together in ways that your team members may never have expected. Sure, you may work together on the field, but has your team ever worked together cooking food to serve at a Student Nutrition Program, or wrapping donated gifts for families who may not otherwise have gifts at Christmas. 




The Guelph Regals Girls pulled together as a team, building their skills and providing much-needed support in their community. They grew as individuals, in their game, in their friendships and on the field. Their commitment and passion paid off leading them to a Provincial Championship in 2017. Way to go Guelph Regals!

Would you like to get your sports team, corporate team, neighbourhood or friends together as a team and make a difference in your community? Group volunteering can occur as a short-term or one-time event, such as helping out at events like Canada Day at Riverside Park or Ribfest. This is an excellent opportunity to support group bonding and give your group a new and memorable experience.  For groups that prefer an ongoing commitment, there are ongoing fundraising initiatives and many more opportunities available. You can help your group foster a deeper commitment to each other, and to your community.

 “Teamwork- Less me and more we”