Volunteer Story: Menah Kerr

August 15, 2023

Menah Headshot

Menah Golf 2023 Menah Kerr, a very valued volunteer, joined the CFGW Board of Directors in 2017. Menah is currently employed as Manager, Marketing and Communications for Crozier, an Engineering Consultation firm in Guelph. Crozier is one of the Children’s Foundation’s amazing community partners and are generous sponsors of all three of the organization’s fundraising events: Trees for Tots, Fore Our Kids Golf, and the Annual Gala. Menah is connected to CFGW both through her workplace and personal volunteering. 

Growing up in the small town of Listowel provided Menah with a sense of community which motivated her to volunteer as a way to support others. When she moved to Guelph in 2014 with her family she became employed with The Letter M Marketing. CFGW was a client of that company and this is when her interest in the organization began. She was mentored by Paul Hammond, a past Board Member of CFGW, and in 2017 she was elected as a Board Member. Menah felt that being a Board Member was “one of the most genuine ways to give back to an organization and cause” she cares about. 

Menah is not only an engaged member of the Board of Directors, she also donates her time volunteering at many of CFGW’s events. Menah has been on the Gala committee since 2018.  She enjoys the ‘behind the scene’ planning of this experience. Menah highly regards the CFGW staff and says “the staff are awesome, they always take into account the theme of the Gala and are so aware of the impact of the theme on children.” Menah TFT 2022

Menah has also volunteered for Trees for Tots by unloading trees from the trucks and stacking them to be fed into the chipper, she can experience ‘hands on’ one of the benefits of the program. She has also volunteered with the Fore Our Kids golf tournament at the registration table and is a member of the nominating committee for new Board Members. To Menah, the benefits of volunteering include making connections in the community, being engaged with other like-minded individuals. “It just makes me feel good to volunteer in such a positive environment!” 

Her favourite volunteer memory is organizing a benefit concert for a high school friend who passed away. They raised over $6,000, half of which went into Make-A-Wish Foundation and the other half into a scholarship in his name. In summary, Menah stated that “volunteering enhances my sense of identity” and it’s ‘natural’ for her to help make people happy. 

When asked what she would tell others who are thinking of volunteering, “I’d tell them to look for a volunteer position that you can enjoy based on your interests and skills. You never know what difference you could make in someone’s life.”