Trees 4 Tots Partners

April 15, 2019

Jamie's Lawn Care  JL's Trees Service


Trees for Tots could not be possible without the now over 275 volunteers who give us their time, expertise, chippers, trucks and hard work!


We have been lucky enough to have an amazingly dedicated Chair, Michael Douglas for a number of years. He has contributed countless hours to ensure the operations and logistics run smoothly and that every permit, road sign, tree tag and tree chipper are in place! We also have a dedicated Outreach Committee, comprised of 10 volunteers who give extra time to help plan the communications and outreach for the event. We couldn’t tag all those trees or attend community events without them! JL’s Tree Service and Jamie’s Lawn Care have also been an integral role in the Trees for Tots event.  Joe Legate (Owner of JL’s Tree Service) and Jamie Noland (Owner of Jamie’s Lawn Care) not only give their personal time and expertise during the planning of and at the event, they also donate their equipment and staff on the day of the event which allows more money to go directly to the children and youth we support. This past event we had a record 275 volunteers and 103 trucks volunteered on the day of the event! Our volunteers are the best!