The Spooky Souls of the Children's Foundation

October 30, 2018




The staff at the Children’s Foundation know all too well how important volunteerism is. The programs and events at the foundation just would not be possible without support from the outstanding volunteers who donate their time.

It is interesting to know, however, that the reach of this terrifying team goes far beyond the programs offered through the Children’s Foundation. Some of the other community organizations that benefit from the care and compassion of this creepy crew include: Family and Children Services, Guelph-Wellington Women in Crisis, the Rotary Club, Food4Kids, The Girl Guides, Vanier Center for Women, Guelph Regals Lacrosse and more. On top of their external community outreach, all of the staff and most of their families volunteer for the Children's Foundation as well - now that's dedication to community!

These ghostly gals have many reasons for giving back: some include building your social circle, helping someone do something better, building stronger bonds between community organizations, trying new things, increasing skills, sharing talents and other valuable reasons. 

The Executive Director of the Children’s Foundation, Glenna Banda, was so impacted by her volunteer work that she chose to change careers and is now leading the great organization she once volunteered for.

Donor Relations Manager, Emilie Mossman, volunteered for an organization in which she accompanied people to appointments. She said she was able to help people feel brave and let them know that they have someone on their team.

Administrative and Outreach Support Coordinator, Brenda Walsh, started volunteering to give back to those in need and ended up receiving more than she gave.

On the whole, the staff at the Children's Foundation feels volunteering puts words like “I care” into action, and this Tricky Team really cares about their community!