The impact of community through Adopt-A-Family

November 1, 2017


The Children’s Foundation is proud to work alongside neighbourhood groups in Guelph, connecting families to much-needed support and services. This story came to us from Linda Busutill at the West Willow Village Neighbourhood Group, and speaks beautifully to the powerful impact connection and community can have on a family. This is the type of impact that our Adopt-A-Family donors make on a yearly basis - it's incredible!

The success of Minh’s* family is not something that you get to hear about in a Christmas thank you letter, but a story that embodies the spirit of the season and is a stunning example of the difference we can make when community works together to build brighter futures for kids.


Minh’s journey started when he was in Grade 7 and his father died suddenly, leaving his mother alone in Canada to care for him and his sister.  Minh’s mother barely spoke English and worked very long night shifts in a factory. A school Principal asked us to connect with Minh as his family was struggling at Christmas time. A generous donor to the Adopt-A-Family program brought food support and some joy and happiness at a very sad and difficult time for the family. The personal attention and caring that goes into the Adopt-A-Family Program is deeply moving and impacts so many families.  

He is graduating high school this year, with honours and a full scholarship to University. It was touching that in his award profile he acknowledged West Willow Village Neighbourhood Group as contributing to who he is today, and, in turn, we sincerely need to make a connection back to the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington.   

While we would be overjoyed with the story ending happily there, it continues. The Adopt-A-Family program allowed the West Willow Village Neighbourhood Group to develop a long-term relationship with the family. Mom was referred to a language program that allowed her to secure a better daytime job. Minh and his sister volunteered with the Neighbourhood Group, gaining valuable skills through their work with us, and today we are considered to be a part of their family. That is what a community is all about! 

At the community level, we are grateful to be able to weave together programs that support families and help grow healthy, resilient kids. There are many things that have contributed to Minh’s story, but for this family it was the gift of the Adopt-A-Family Program that was the catalyst.

 *Name changed for privacy