Thank You Volunteers, We Couldn't do it Without You!

April 18, 2017



Dear Children's Foundation Volunteers,

I sit in awe as I look back on 2016 and all the ways you have supported us over this past year. Thank you hardly seems enough… We have been so fortunate to have you! For some people volunteering is about giving, but for the volunteers of the Children’s Foundation it is a way of living. When we look into the eyes of the parents applying for funding or read the thank-you cards sent in by families who have received our support, we remember your kindness.

I know there have been especially big sacrifices made this year: the Trees for Tots volunteers worked so hard on that cold January day; the Adopt-A-Family volunteers found a way to make our warehouse a home; and the Food & Friends volunteers put in countless hours to ensure their program’s success. Join us is celebrating you below in a short You Tube video.

We are in awe as we look back on all the things you made possible this year and we are excited to   embark on the events and plans we have for 2017, knowing you will be there for us. Together we can achieve success for all of our programs and as the need continues to rise we know together we will meet the even higher goals we face in 2017. Not a day goes by at the 87 Waterloo office that someone is not taking about the greatness of you – our volunteers.

Thank you for being so caring, so loving, so helpful, so thoughtful and so selfless.

On behalf of all the children supported, the Children’s Foundation Board of Directors and Staff: thank you for volunteering! Your actions are priceless.


Brenda Walsh

Outreach and Administrative Support Coordinator

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