Thank You For The Gift Of Gymnastics!

March 20, 2017

Preslee 3


Nothing makes us happier than hearing from families and kids about the impact of funding from the Children's Foundation of Guelph and Wellington. Life is busy, so to take the time to fill out a feedback form and send in a picture really means a lot to us! We recently heard from the mom of three-year-old Preslee, a rising gymnast star thanks to the Children's Foundation's Free to Play Program. Here's what her mom wrote:

"Preslee absolutely LOVES her gymnastics class! She attends once per week with several other children in her age group. The room is filled with pint-sized mats, trampolines, beams, rings, etc specifically for her age group. It's a great activity for developing her motor skills, coordination and balance. I'm very grateful that Preslee has the gift of gymnastics."

When asked what she is learning in gymnastics, this is what Preslee wrote (with help from her mom):

"Last week I did my first somersault without my teacher's help! I'm learning how to balance on a beam, swing from the rings and jump high on the trampoline!"  Mom noted that jumping on the trampoline is Preslee's favourite part of gymnastics.

Jean Piaget, a renowned psychologist known for his pioneering work in child development states that, “Play is the work of childhood.” Free play helps young kids grow in so many ways: by physically developing their gross and fine motor skills; by problem-solving and learning social skills and cues; by stretching their creative muscles through imagination and role play; and by enhancing their language skills as the world of play has a different vocabulary than adult-centered learning.

Play is essential for a healthy childhood, and beyond all the wonderful benefits, it's also fun and makes children happy. And isn't that what we all want for children?

As Preslee said about wanting to continue taking gymnastics, "I enjoy seeing my friends each week and learning how to do cool stuff like somersaults and cartwheels."

Oh yeah, doing "cool stuff" is a big part of childhood, too! Thanks to Preslee and her Mom for brightening our day!