Teresa Durigon, leading with Passion

May 23, 2018




Teresa Durigon


Volunteer Position:

Board Member


Why Children’s Foundation?

Teresa has always been passionate about helping people, but about 12 years ago her passion turned toward children while serving as the chair of the Parent/Teachers Association at St. John Catholic School. It was here where it came to her attention that her children were sharing their lunch at school with some students who didn't have one. On one occasion, a male teacher came out of his classroom crying as he told her that one of his students didn't make a lunch because there wasn't any food in the fridge. 

Teresa decided to take further action and help make a difference in the community by growing and advocating for the Food & Friends program. This helped ensure no children would ever go without a lunch or healthy snack during the day.



Teresa has shown her dedication and commitment to the children in this community by serving on the Board of Directors for the Children’s Foundation for an incredible six years. Teresa will now finish her final term and move on to new and exciting things, however she is excited to see what new initiatives and fresh perspectives new Board Members will bring to the Children's Foundation. 

Through Teresa’s work with raising funds for the Food & Friends program, as well as her work on the board, she has helped shape our organization and touch many lives. Notably, she helped differentiate the Children’s Foundation from other organizations through unique branding (a new logo), exceptional public relations, and strong program management. 

Although her Board term is done, she looks forward to continuing her efforts in spreading the word and acting as an advocate for the foundation, just in a different capacity.



Glenna Banda says this of the impact that Teresa has had on the Board and on the Children's Foundation.

"Teresa has brought a tremendous amount of compassion and enthusiasm to our Board. She not only has a vision of a brighter future for local children, but she is also willing to roll up her sleeves and do what needs to be done to make it happen. This commitment is contagious as everyone around the Board table and outside of the organization who gets the opportunity to hear Teresa share her passion can't help but want to be part of the Children’s Foundation and the work we do. She is a cheerleader, hard worker, very generous, and we are extremely grateful for everything she has done."