Tait Scholarship Helps Students Gain Independence and Social Growth

May 16, 2014


As a supporter of the Adopt-A-Family Program and a father of two university-aged students, Dr. John Tait and his wife Kim understand the importance of supporting children as they grow so they can become successful adults. One element of that growth which is particularly important to John is having the opportunity to not only attend post-secondary education but to ensure they successfully complete that education.  John and Kim both found that the experience of living in residence with a meal plan during their first years at university not only helped them to succeed in school, but was also an important time of social growth.

"I believe the first year away from home, with the independence, social growth, and self-management skills one learns, are valuable life skills - in addition to the new friends and relationships that are established," says John.  "We would like to provide the opportunity for others, who may not otherwise be able to be part of such an experience because of limitations, to have this chance."

With this desire to help others,  John supported two youth who were friends of his children to pay for these costs in the past. He then approached The Children’s Foundation with an interest in continuing this legacy. In 2013, the first Tait Scholarships assisted three youth in care of Family & Children’s Services with a $2,500 scholarship each to be applied towards their residence and meal plans.

One recipient from 2013 wrote to us during his school year: "I would like to thank you for providing me with a donation to pay for my residence and meal plan. The $2,500 helped me finish paying for the rest of my first year in college. I'm enjoying my first year and will be attending the second year to finish my program of Police Foundations. I greatly appreciate what you've done for me."

We are happy to report that this generous and meaningful scholarship will once again be offered in 2014. Thank you to John and his family for helping these students achieve their career dreams.

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