Soccer Experience Builds Esteem and Sense of Belonging

March 15, 2010

It's the season for registering for summer programs - which may have many families worrying that they cannot afford to have their children participate in their favourite activities.

One family wanted their eldest son to be able to play soccer, his favourite sport, throughout the summer and not just because he would work off some excess energy. Their son, just like lots of kids, craves being around other people and being part of a team. Summer, therefore, can be hard on kids who love being with their friends all the time.

This particular family is a type that is seen and helped often by the Children's Foundation. It is a two parent family but one parent is out of work and the other is working six to seven days a week at two jobs, just to try and cover the bills for the four person family. When it is difficult just to pay the monthly bills, extracurricular activities for the kids will usually have to be cut. Sometimes even the kids realize that there may not be enough money, as this boy always worries that he may not be able to play soccer in the summer.

This is where Free to Play can assist families so that their children can enjoy the activities that they love. The payoff comes in the comments from the kids and parents after the season or activity is completed. This boy's mom told us,

"He gained a sense of pride, esteem, team work, and a sense of belonging. He has always had a lot of energy, and never enough areas to channel it. For our family, it is really important to have things to go out and do. It was a real family event! Thank you for your help, it is much appreciated."