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April 19, 2017

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Many hands make light work!  And this phrase holds true for 10 employee volunteers at Sifton Property Management in Guelph.

As side-by-side neighbours, Sifton Property Management have always been supporters of Priory Park Public School.  They have assisted the school financially by purchasing birthday books for each student to celebrate their special day; have contributed to the school’s playground and outdoor classroom; have supported their greenspace and continued environmental initiatives; and are now volunteering their time every morning to help prepare healthy food for the school’s students.


Priory Park’s snack program is supported by the Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington Food & Friends program.  This student nutrition program operates every day, serving healthy food to any student who may need it.  There are often many students who arrive at school without the proper nutrition to sustain them through their day of learning.  By starting their day at school with some nutritious food, students are better able to focus on their schoolwork.

The Sifton volunteers wanted a way to feel more connected to the neighbourhood and school that their tenants’ children attend.  They were excited to get involved with the school’s snack program.  One volunteer noted that “it’s also a great way to build a relationship with the students, staff, principal, and the two parents who also volunteer their time to coordinate the program”.  The students now recognize the volunteers and eagerly peek in the window each morning to see them working, wondering what delicious snack they will receive that day.  As the volunteers work to chop up fresh fruits, vegetables and cheese, they appreciate the time spent with co-workers from other departments that they normally don’t get to interact with at work.  “It’s so easy and doesn’t take long at all. It’s only 20 minutes of our day”, one volunteer stated, however the impact that their support has provided this program is massive.  For some students, they have never tried some of the vegetables, fruits and even hummus that they are being served!

Thank you to the Sifton family who are so supportive of their employees and the community, especially the 10 wonderful volunteers who have made such a difference to so many students within Priory Park Public School. Not all heroes wear capes!
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