Showing Gratitude

October 30, 2019















Our theme this month has been Showing Gratitude. While we do our best to practice gratitude every day, we wanted to set aside this month to take extra time to express our heartfelt thanks to you, our community. You have fed hungry tummies breakfast, you have helped young adults get their driver’s license, you have given youth the support they need to go forth and pursue their dream careers, and as our Adopt-A-Family sign-up ramps up, we see more and more of you stepping up to adopt a family in need and help them make happy holiday memories. While we could tell you how much your generosity means to these families, we thought it would be better to hear it from them.

Please take a moment to read these expressions of gratitude from the families and children you’ve helped.


“As a father, there are few moments that bring greater joy than to see your child happy and smiling. As a parent of a special needs child and struggling with my own end stage health, it is so important to fill our children with as many happy memories as possible. Your kindness and your loving gift has made this possible.”

 Dad Kids










Food & Friends

“I had a few parents thank me as they also do not have to worry about their kids being hungry in case they did not pack enough food. Kids hit growth spurts and suddenly will eat twice as much. My own kindergartener accidentally spilled her entire lunch on the floor. I was thankful that she had access to the snack bin.”










Free to Grow

“Getting groceries takes much longer than the average person because of all the waiting for buses and lugging about heavy loads. I have sore hips from pulling a bike trailer full of groceries half of the year… This is only one of the impacts of not having a driver's licence on quality of life. I’m so grateful that my daughter can now have more freedom to move about than I ever had, and for her life to be less arduous as a result of being able to drive. She will also be more self-reliant when she can someday afford a vehicle.”



“I want to say thank you for selecting me for this scholarship. It really does mean a lot. My past is a part of me but it does not define me, I define who I am. And I believe this scholarship proves that. Thank you for the recognition and support that you have given me. I truly do appreciate it.”