North America Construction

October 30, 2021

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North America Construction (NAC) provided healthy meals and rewarding recreational experiences to 900 children and youth in Guelph, Wellington and Dufferin each year with a generous annual $10,000 donation. NAC chose to make the donation in lieu of gifts for the Holidays. They have provided over $50,000  to help support the well-being of children in need. Monica Pinner from NAC shared in a video interview their hope that this funding will help local children find something they are passionate about that will help them prosper in their adult lives.
The $5,000 donation to the Free to Play Program is helping approximately 30 children each year have fun and rewarding experiences like martial arts, swimming lessons, skating, dance lessons and basketball. The $5,000 for Food and Friends is helping bring healthy food to hungry minds at local schools. This includes fresh, healthy snacks to schools that are seeing an increasing number of students lacking nutritious food in their lunches. Ongoing challenges including the cost of fresh fruit and vegetables make the support from NAC a vital part of the delivery of student nutritious programs.
North America Construction Group DHOF Image 2021
The North America Construction Ltd team accepts their
Benefactor donor plaque in the fall of 2021.