My faith in community has been restored

May 1, 2020


“The past few days, I had been in a state of despair over the lack of humanity I was experiencing during this awful time. Then just at the perfect time, my neighbor knocks on my door and says ‘there is food here for you’.” 

Anna*,  a single mother of a three-year-old girl, has experienced both sides of the economic spectrum - from growing up in a wealthy family in an 11,000 square foot home, to being homeless with her young daughter after the basement apartment she could barely afford flooded. She knows what it’s like to have everything and what it’s like to live in poverty. 

“Becoming part of the 'system' is excruciatingly painful,” Anna said. “Social support provides around $1,000 a month, and the cheapest 2-bedroom apartment I could find is $1,500 a month. To survive on $1,000 a month, you have to give up a lot, including living in safe conditions. And the stereotype of people who receive social assistance is upsetting. I am ambitious and well-educated, trying to start my own business to support myself and my daughter.”

After having to leave her flooded apartment and being without a home for seven weeks, Anna was feeling like she had been kicked under the bus trying to access the supports she needed. And then the pandemic hit, and whatever strides she was making starting a business was put on hold due to closures. She was now in isolation with her young daughter, with no help or hope at hand.

It was at this low point that Anna felt a state of despair over the lack of humanity. She felt that people didn’t care that she couldn’t feed her daughter, and it broke her heart that she couldn’t give her what she needs and deserves. She had signed up weeks before for a Fresh Food for Kids basket from Market Fresh and was randomly chosen to receive one of the five baskets sent out the week of April 13th.  

“When I saw what had been given to us, I was blown away and the tears began to stream," Anna said. "As the tears flowed, I unpacked the boxes in awe of the quality and amount that has been given to myself and my daughter. Our fridge, freezer, and cupboards are FULL with healthy food!! Words cannot express my gratitude for such generosity from a place of love and community that has been displayed for my own eyes to see. Knowing this support has been given to many families in need, my faith in the community helping one another had been restored.”

While receiving one week's worth of food through Fresh Food for Kids does not solve the deep and pernicious harm of living in poverty, feeling the love and support of your community can have a long-lasting and positive impact in imagining a kinder and more hopeful future.

 *Name has been changed for privacy reasons.


CLICK HERE to learn more about Fresh Food for Kids and how you can be part of the community helping those who need it most.