Mom Receives her Favourite - Welch's Grape Jelly from Adopt-A-Family

November 24, 2011


One mom carefully detailed each gift that they received from her Adopt-A-Family donor and how perfect they were – from the Lego "he jumped up and down with sheer delight”, the novel "he loves to just fall into a story” to the Welch’s Grape Jelly she received "my favourite!”

For families in the program, many find themselves in a situation that they never expected. The gifts that they receive can provide a bright and special moment, during difficult times. This mom explained that in her letter:

"I would like to express my deepest appreciation for your kindness to my son and me. As a disabled single mother, it is challenging for me to care for my beloved son, and to manage on a very small income. I had never expected that my life would slide downhill so seriously. I have worked very hard to complete two university degrees and previously held positions in the government and corporate sectors. However, my circumstances have been progressively and seriously impacted by an accident. However, I am determined to stay positive and provide the best care and love for my child that I can.

I am so grateful for your thoughtfulness in choosing such lovely gifts and for your generosity. Thank you for your caring contribution to the community, and to our family in particular.”

Shopping for a family is a very rewarding experience and makes an impact on the families’ lives that will last them a lifetime.