Mike Pecora, It's A Family Affair.

February 21, 2017


Mike Pecora originally learned about Trees for Tots when he read an article in the local newspaper.  Mike was impressed with the work that Children’s Foundation is doing locally, and felt inspired to get involved.  Having equipment that would be of benefit to Trees for Tots, and strong belief in volunteering for the community, he signed up as a volunteer and has been involved with Trees for Tots for the past 3 years. His wife Kate and eight year old daughter Sophie joined the team 2 years ago.  As Mike puts it "We look at it as an excellent family opportunity to contribute to a great cause and help local children."

 Mike Pecora

“The drive to the morning orientation meeting includes a pep-talk for Sophie about helping people in need and giving our time in a selfless way, with no expectation of thanks.  Everyone has a job on our family crew…I drive and load trees, Kate organizes the routes, donations and directions and Sophie is the ‘runner’, hanging the door flyers and gathering the donations. Volunteering for Trees for Tots gives us a sense of community and being part of a well-organized event.   An event that offers great value to donors, a needed service to residents and raises much needed funds for a very worthwhile cause.  We think of the many blessings that we enjoy on a daily basis and are conscious of the fact that this is not the case for many others in our community. We do not volunteer to make ourselves feel good or to promote anything other than the fact that we all have something to offer to others in our community”.  


Mike hopes that anyone considering volunteering in any way, locally or otherwise, takes the opportunity soon, “It will make a difference, we see how dedicated everyone from Trees for Tots and the Children’s Foundation is and are so happy to be part of this great event.  We look forward to doing it for years to come."Coming Soon.