Lifting one another during a challenging time

March 26, 2020

FFFKThe first Fresh Food for Kids baskets from Market Fresh were delivered this week to five families and the response from them has already been so uplifting. We heard from one parent with three children who just two weeks ago, was a determined single mom about to graduate from college and confidently return to the workforce. This was to be a huge accomplishment for her after battling serious health issues for years. As she said, “Being a mature student was a lot of hard work but it was about to pay off.  I had job fairs and interviews lined up, anticipating my graduation date just next month. Realizing now that is most likely not going to happen is beyond disappointing.”

This mom is very grateful to be able to stay home with her children and keep them safe and healthy, but she is not eligible to apply for emergency funds or benefits and is feeling scared. Everything has come to a complete stop and changed overnight, which has put her and so many other community members in a very weak, unpredictable position.

“We have all been affected by COVID-19 in some way and not one person is exempt. So many opportunities have been ripped away, our lives have been changed, and we have all needed to adapt, adjust and sacrifice. However, with all the stress, fear, and uncertainty we have the opportunity to come together as a community to help each other, which you have all done so graciously by stepping up and helping those who are in a vulnerable position like myself. By coming up with the Fresh Food for Kids program, it shows how much you truly care and you are such a pillar in our community.”

At times like these, it really emphasizes how important our community connections are, and the outpouring of support reminds us that kindness and compassion can be contagious too.  Like all of us, families being supported also want to help in whatever way they can. As this mom shared, “I appreciate everyone who is part of this program and everyone who is lending a hand to help lift one another up in a rather dark time.  I promise it will not be overlooked or taken for granted and our family will be paying it forward in any small way we can. (We are already brainstorming things we can do to help from home!). We will all get through this together as a community and if we can take anything away from what is going on right now, it would be to never take anything for granted.” 

The Children’s Foundation is very grateful to Market Fresh Guelph for partnering with us and to all the donors who have already contributed to bringing nutritious food to children and youth in need. We are in this together and will continue to do all that we can to support the most vulnerable in our community.