Kirsty Makes Caden & Jacob's Christmas Wishes Come True

November 18, 2014

Santa and Child 

 A big part of gift giving is the surprise. Imagine for a moment what it would be like to be going through a difficult time in your life with each day being filled with the stress of meeting your children’s needs. Now picture what it would be like to feel the relief of knowing your children’s Christmas wishes would be able to come true. One Adopt-A-Family donor made that happen for a mom of two boys and her moment of excitement was captured in an email to us.

"I just looked at what you brought for the boys and I don’t even know what to say – THANK YOU! There were so many great things for them both. Countless outfits from the stores Jacob loves in the perfect sizes and styles. The same for Caden – clothes, dvds and craft stuff. Jacob got a very nice toolbox and tons of tools to put in it! The boys are going to be so happy. Whoever was shopping for the boys did it perfectly. Thank you so, so, so much. This person put a lot of love and care into these gifts. I wish I could know who she is so the boys and I could thank her properly because she truly went above and beyond. I can’t wait until they see the gifts!”

There is something special about finding the perfect gift for someone and even more so when that gift is something that a single mom never thought would be possible. Those perfect gifts do so much more than the gift themselves – they bring a feeling of hope, confidence and positivity entering the New Year.

The amount of time and thoughtfulness our donors put into Adopt-A-Family gifts is incredible. This family's donor was Kirsty Boniwell, a long-time supporter of the program.

"I am truly moved and so very pleased that Mum is happy with what was purchased for her boys and herself. Certainly makes the Christmas season so enjoyable, knowing that she will be able to surprise her boys!”

Like many donors, Kirsty puts this thoughtfulness into her gifts each year.

"In shopping for my Adopt-A-Family this year, I have been amazed by the response of the young clerks in the stores.  Beyond their wonderful help in selecting suitable items, they genuinely enjoyed the process and were impressed with the program.  I believe that they felt like they were contributing in their own way.  Such a good feeling.  Wishing the program much success this year.” 

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