Kate Bryan - whose impact is multi-faceted

September 12, 2018

Kate Bryan is a very dedicated volunteer of the Food & Friends Program who enhances the excellent work of the Children's Foundation. She is invaluable to the Foundation as well as to the community in which she serves.

Four years ago Kate was asked to take over the role of Student Nutrition Program Coordinator for the Food & Friends breakfast program at Laurelwoods Elementary School near Orangeville, Dufferin County. The program had been operating two mornings a week in the past, but Kate quickly rallied some parent volunteers, and together, they developed a five morning a week program. Kate and her team provide a nutritious breakfast for 20-60 students every day.

Kate feels that the impact she's had on the program is multi-faceted. She's providing nutritious food so that students can focus and learn, she's providing attention and positive feedback on a one-to-one basis during breakfast and she's "putting a smile on the children's faces" leading to a good start to the day.

Not everyone recognizes the level of poverty in their own community. Kate feels that people may often think that poverty is a result of unemployment, but in reality it’s also families who may be suffering from physical or mental health problems. If parents aren't well, they can't take care of their children to the extent that might be necessary to maintain good health.

Kate is such an awesome person that she not only volunteers her time with us, but she also volunteers with Hospice Dufferin as a member of their board of directors. She is a true community champion! We are so grateful to have Kate as one of our volunteers.


Kate Bryan