Jessica Haylow

November 29, 2010

Jessica Haylow is an inspiring young lady who goes above and beyond by giving her time to support our Food and Friends Program. Two years ago, Jessica agreed to take on the responsibility of enhancing the Sacred Heart School Snack Program. She has excelled at volunteer management, menu planning, financial accountability and most of all the amazing way she connects with the students of the school. Jessica has an incredible commitment to ensuring that the students at Sacred Heart are getting nutritious snacks.  She has also helped to bring security to the program by raising one of the highest dollar amounts during the Live Free campaign this past March.
"It brings me great joy seeing the students get their healthy snack which is helping to facilitate in their daily learning. Seeing the excitement on the students’ faces on snack day is the most rewarding feeling I could ask for.”  
-Jessica Haylow

For her dedication and support of the Children’s Foundation, Jessica was awarded the 2010 Volunteer of the Year award.

Pictured to the right is Glenna Banda and Jessica Haylow