Inspiring Kids. Inspired Futures.

August 23, 2016

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We hope you’ve had a chance to see our Inspiring Kids. Inspired Futures publication. This joint project with the Guelph Chamber of Commerce and Energize Guelph is a beautiful publication highlighting the importance of recreation.

We all know it’s fun to play soccer, go to camp or take music lessons – but it’s also much more than fun. It helps build important character traits in all who participate. We asked local community and business leaders to share with us why these activities were so important to them. Here’s some of the things we learned:







This year Free to Play has funded over 1,400 activities for children in families with an average househould income of $17,000. As you can imagine, there is no money available for recreation in these homes. Without Free to Play these children would not be participating. Thanks to continued outreach to those most in need, we have seen a 20% rise in applications for financial assistance since last year. Looking at these photos makes you wonder if all of these leaders would have reached their dreams without recreation. Whether kids want to be a future NFL star or an engineer, we want to help get them there. We hope you will continue to join us in meeting this important need in our community.

To read the full version of Inspiring Kids. Inspired Futures visit the Chamber of Commerce website.


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