Healthy Snack Warriors

February 20, 2018

Lesley and Brandi, the new Food & Friends program coordinators at the Brisbane Public School snack program, wanted to provide more than a healthy snack to their 410 students; they wanted to encourage healthier habits for the whole family.

Lesley shared "Food is not a topic that we tend to focus on in our schools unless it’s under the heading of health class or gym. Even at those times, I think it’s a pretty basic conversation. A newsletter was a great way to get not only kids but families talking about healthy foods that would perhaps encourage healthier habits.”

They started writing the Healthy Snack Warriors newsletter and included it every month with the school’s newsletter. The newsletter includes upcoming events within the snack program, special snack days, information about types of food or examples of healthy eating and a NO KIDDING TIP – which is usually something about food that most people wouldn’t know, like how pears have almost twice as much fibre as apples.

“The results of healthy eating can lead to so many other great things: good sleeping habits, happy moods, more energy - which all result in healthier kids. Healthy eating becomes a healthy lifestyle when families talk about it openly and often.”

Thank you, Lesley and Brandi, for going above and beyond to help local students build healthier lifestyles!


Healthy Snack Warriors Newsletter