Hannah Looks Back at Past Free to Play Support After Winning Gold at Nationals

December 22, 2015


"Sometimes hard things happen in life.  Things we have no control over like divorce, your parents losing their job or mental health issues. These circumstances can leave children feeling alone, scared, unloved and unwanted. Personally they affected my self-confidence, my self-esteem, and made me feel like I had done something wrong.The Children's Foundation was there for my family when my mom found herself alone and struggling to raise 3 children.
When I was six, the Children's Foundation made it possible for me to stay active and play sports. My love for lacrosse has not only kept me active it gave me happiness and hope. This sport affected my family and my whole life. Struggling with the absence of my father, my brother and mother supported me in many ways that strengthened our family. My brother coached my team and does to this day. My mom drove me all over the place day and night, literally.

This summer I was selected to play on team Ontario for the Bantam girls lacrosse team. Nationals were held in Alberta and my team went across the country and returned with a gold medal around our neck. You can't imagine how good I feel to have had the opportunity to do this.  I am a stronger person because of it. My family is stronger because of it.”  - Hannah

The support of caring people like you helped Hannah become an incredible young lady. She volunteers in many community organizations, is a straight A student, and is a kind and confident young woman. There are many stories like Hannah’s that you have helped happen. Take 5 minutes to watch this video and hear more: