Guelph Saultos

October 30, 2021

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Local children are doing flips over our great partnership with Guelph Saultos Gymnastics. Their donation of waived fees for the Free to Grow program helps us stretch our dollars further, allowing more kids to experience the fantastic world of gymnastics. One mom whose daughter received assistance wrote us:

"Tara was able to improve her social skills in several ways and learned how to use her high energy level positively in a group. She learned that other kids get upset, how to handle herself when someone gets hurt. She saw grown-ups intervene in these situations with kindness and respect for others. Tara learned structure, and week by week how to improve and master new physical skills and strength. She had something positive to look forward to on a regular basis. This is a positive constant that we both can look forward to during transitional times.”
Our partnership was established in 2010 and hundreds of children have benefited since.As one six-year old girl said about her experience with gymnastics: "I get lots of exercise and it's fun to do! I get to learn stuff about gymnastics. It's fun to see my friends and I like how people are nice there and all that stuff." 

Thank you Saultos for being so nice and all that stuff

Guelph Saultos DHOF 2021 Image
Free to Grow Program Assistant, Maria Fitzpatrick, presents Guelph Saultos
with their Benefactor donor plaque in the fall of 2021.