Grocery Foundation

November 3, 2021

 CFGW Benefactor IconThe Grocery Foundation has been a long-time supporter of student nutrition programs in Ontario, “feeding better futures” by donating over $85 million to charities since 1979. They are a natural partner for the Children’s Foundation Food & Friends Program, thanks to a shared vision to provide children with the healthy nutrition they need to learn and succeed in school, as well as nourishing their well-being and potential for a brighter future.

The Grocery Foundation’s Toonies for Tummies campaign has raised millions of dollars with support from the public, and participating retailers such as Metro, Longo's, Food Basics, Foodland and Sobeys. From their 2020 Toonies for Tummies campaign, Food & Friends received $35,100 in grocery cards, which definitely filled a lot of hungry tummies in our schools!

The Grocery Foundation also gifted us with $7,600 for equipment and food purchases from the proceeds of their 2020 Night to Nurture Gala.

The Breakfast Voucher Program was created by The Grocery Foundation to provide the neediest schools in Ontario with essential breakfast foods, and has benefited many of the Food & Friends programs. This voucher program is a great way for student nutrition programs in Ontario to save on the cost of food, thanks to generous supplier and retailer sponsors. There are a variety of delicious foods to choose from that provides kids with the nutrition they need to thrive each school day – all at half or below half of the retail price!

Congratulations to the Grocery Foundation on their induction to our Benefactors Category of donors and many thanks for their continued support! Together we are bringing healthy food to hungry minds!

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