Gala Addresses Immediate Food & Friends Needs

December 16, 2015

Thanks to the generous support of our community at our Around the World Gala, we were able to meet some immediate needs for eight Food and Friends student nutrition programs.

Through a process of budget submission, eight student nutrition programs determined that additional funding would either increase the days of operation or enrich the offerings of the program.  Below are descriptions of some of those programs. 

JD Hogarth Public School

JD Hogarth is a larger elementary school located in Fergus with 550 students ranging from grades JK-8. They have a wonderful salad and yogurt bar lunch program that is served three days per week. This salad bar program is a newer initiative of their student nutrition program that began to help increase the amount of vegetables, proteins and fruits into the students’ diets.  This program has 20 volunteers who work hard to make the lunch program possible for these students in need.

Fred A Hamilton Public School

Fred A Hamilton is an elementary school in Guelph with 300 students ranging from grades JK-6. This school offers a snack program all five days of the week.  Approximately 50 students access this nutritious program each day. This program started their pilot project at the end of the 2014/15 school year and determined the need for the program for the full year. 

Laurelwoods Elementary School

Laurelwoods Elementary School is located in Amaranth Township of Dufferin County and is strictly a bused in schools for the local rural children. The breakfast program began at Laurelwoods to offer children who have been on the bus for a long period of time the opportunity to have a breakfast before going to class. Thanks to a handful of great parents who volunteer their time, the program is running five mornings instead of three per week and is offering homemade pancakes or fresh baked banana bread each Friday.

Waverley Drive Public School

Waverley Drive Public School in Guelph is home to 550 students in an area of Guelph identified as having the highest proportion of at risk students.  This school offers three separate student nutrition programs breakfast, snack and lunch.  Led by a passionate and efficient Program Coordinator the programs are offered every school day with assistance of student and adult volunteers. 

At the Gala, guests reflected on the fact that when investing in our local children everybody wins. These additional funds will ensure that students are able to focus on learning in school rather than being hungry. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the gala and for helping our students succeed.