Food & Friends Help Students Graduate

June 10, 2014


Year end celebrations are underway for schools in our community.  And a favorite is the graduation of the Give Yourself Credit students.  These are some of our community’s most vulnerable students who have risen above very challenging odds to accomplish their goal of accumulating enough high school credits to graduate. 

Our Food & Friends student nutrition program has supported these youth and for some, given them a reason to come to school.  For some the food they receive at Give Yourself Credit are the only meals they’ll receive all day.  

Last year when I attended this event I was approached by several students after the ceremony who thanked me for helping to provide food for the school.  One young lady said "if it wasn’t for the food that was served I wouldn’t be graduating with my classmates today.  I came to school so that I could get the food that wasn’t available to me at home.  I could use the money that I would have had to spend on food to buy bus tickets to get me to school.” 

Congratulations to all students who have succeeded in their task of obtaining your Secondary School Graduation Diploma!