Emily Says YES!!! I Would Attend Camp Again

May 26, 2010

It can be lonely when your siblings are 7 years older than you. Eight year old Emily knows that feeling.

Her friends do not live nearby and her older brothers aren’t interested in crafts so she spends a lot of time with her mummy. An opportunity like attending summer camp would allow Emily to have fun with kids her own age. Although her parents saw camp as the perfect opportunity to brighten their daughter’s summer, they had become a one income family and had to focus on meeting their basic needs. Paying for summer camp fees seemed like a scary and unattainable goal.

Fortunately for Emily, her parents were informed by their neighbourhood group that financial assistance was available through Free to Play. With the assistance they received from the Free to Play program, Emily attended a local day camp. Emily turned from bored and lonely to busy and happy. She learned new craft skills and had a blast. Emily’s favourite part was going on trips and having lots of kids to play with. When asked if she would like to attend camp again, the answer was simple – YES!!!!