Donaldson Family Foundation

February 18, 2020

Donaldson Family Foundation


 Primrose Elementary School’s Food & Friends Program is feeding every student in the school a healthy breakfast every day of the week.

Due to a boundary change and the addition of 100 students, the breakfast program began to grow at a rapid rate. They hadn’t taken into account the financial impact this would have on their program, and each week they were getting into a deeper financial hole. This worried the Program Coordinator, Lisa Thompson, as their Children’s Foundation Food & Friends allotted funds were being used up very quickly. The program started holding various fundraisers and asking parents to help spread the word in the community for the need of donations, however the program still barely raised enough funds to cover one week’s worth of groceries.

Then a miracle happened, the Donaldson Family Foundation appeared like guardian angels and presented a very generous donation to the school’s Food & Friends student nutrition program. This was the answer they needed to help this struggling program continue to operate and feed the hungry students at Primrose Public School.

Now with the help of this donation made by the Donaldson Foundation, the program is not only able to offer a healthy breakfast, but is also able to feed a small group of students a healthy lunch as well. For these students, the breakfast and lunch program is often the only food they get in a day.

Without the help of the Donaldson Family Foundation and our other community’s donations this program would not have been able to continue. We cannot thank them enough!