Community Support Strengthens Families

February 19, 2013


Our programs focus on providing brighter futures for children but it really is the whole family that benefits.

James, at 10 was thrilled to score a goal in hockey from the blue line for the first time. Luckily the Grants Program was able to be there with the financial means to make that possible. His family found themselves in a financial situation where money for "extras” was not available. Not only did James develop his hockey and sportsmanship skills his family enjoyed the hockey season as well. "Our family enjoys supporting James at his games. It gives us a great time for an outing with our children. Going to hockey and watching, gives us some family time. We’ve also been able to develop friendships with the other parents.”

Occasionally we hear stories from Food and Friends student nutrition program coordinators about students who receive their only meal of the day while at school. Recently a program coordinator passed on a story about a mom that came in to the program. Food was really limited at home and the coordinator was able to provide some lunch and snack items to help them through a couple weeks. At another program, while a student was eating breakfast he mentioned "too bad my brother doesn’t go here so he could eat too.” His brother was waiting to be bussed to another school and was also hungry. The program coordinator prepared a bagel and cheese and sent it on the bus with him. The food being provided at these programs provides a back-up during times when food is minimal at home which is relief to parents.

All of these interactions provide not only the necessities like healthy food and valuable activities, they provide hope. As one family wrote to us after this past Adopt-A-Family:

"Your generous donation to our family was such a huge blessing this season. When we start out in life we are so full of hope and promise and when things don’t go as planned, we sure don’t anticipate being in need of a helping hand. It’s those helping hands that keep us motivated and moving forward when life throws us its trials and challenges.”