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October 30, 2021

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Teresa Durigon shared in a video message at the Around the World Gala that the Children's Foundation reminds her of the village of support that she grew up with when first arriving in Canada as a child. For kids that don't have a village of support like she did, the programs and support provided by the Foundation become that village. When Teresa's children were young and attending St. John Catholic School she heard stories of children that were going hungry and that sparked her to take action and build the healthy snack program that provided nourishment to all students in the school who wished to participate. Over time, her and her husband George's passion for supporting local children in need grew even more and they decided that supporting the Children's Foundation would be a main focus for them and Ceramic Decor. They support the programs both financially through the Help Children Live Free from Hunger Campaign and by volunteer support - Teresa Durigon was a member of the Children's Foundation Board of Directors and the Foundation's Food & Friends committee.

Following Teresa's moving video message at the gala, an attendee approached her and let her know that hearing how they gave back moved her to tears. Not only was it moving to hear Teresa and George's motivation to give - the attendee shared that they had recently purchased tiles from Ceramic Decor and knowing how much they give back to local families made her feel incredibly good about her purchase. 

"Our children have endless potential and that potential might never be reached if their bodies are not nourished with a healthy breakfast. Ceramic Decor is proud to be able to assist The Children’s Foundation of Guelph and Wellington in providing healthy meals to the students of our Guelph, Wellington and Dufferin communities.”

 Ceramic Decor Volunteers
George Durigon Ceramic Decor owner and staff volunteering at a Food & Friends Program.

In addition to their support of the Food and Friends Program, the Ceramic Decor staff contributed to the Adopt-A-Family program and the company matched the employee donations to provide holiday gifts to families in need. Ceramic Decor is also a Platinum Sponsor of the Around the World Gala.

George and Teresa Durigon are known for raising funds for us in very fun ways. They have raised tens of thousands of dollars through events they have organized including the O. Durigon Memorial Bocce Tournament, Back to the Bullring and the recent St. James Reunion Dance.

With all of this support combined, we are in awe of how this local business is ensuring all children in our community have the chance to reach their full potential. We are proud to call this caring companies one of our supporters!

Ceramic Decor DHOF Photo 2021
Ceramic Decor accepts their Benefactor donor plaque
in the fall of 2021.