August 27, 2015

CFGW Benefactor Icon

Cargill has been part of the Guelph community since 2005 and is home to two facilities - the Dunlop Beef facility and the Watson Case Ready facility, employing around 1,600 employees. Cargill has demonstrated their dedication to the area through their Corporate Responsibility/Community Relationship mandate, committing approximately $500,000 annually towards programs and initiatives with local NGO's and charitable organizations, including the Children's Foundation. 

In 2015, Cargill established a new Children's Foundation Scholarship. Thanks to their generosity, we annually award a local high school student with $2,500 to pursue post-secondary education in a trade or agricultural-related field.

 "The Children’s Foundation’s is a great fit for Cargill. We want to encourage youth in trades and agricultural businesses and the Cargill Scholarship allows us to assist with that. It feels great to know that we can help students in need to achieve independence and the ability to support themselves through meaningful work." Jodi Brandsma, Cargill

In addition to the Cargill Scholarship, they have been an invaluable supporter of our Food & Friends Program. Not only have they provided funds for our student nutrition programs, but had also participated directly in the program by providing volunteers on a weekly basis to help out at the Willow Road Public School breakfast program. "Having such a wonderful supporter who's also willing to roll up their sleeves to cut veggies and help us feed kids in schools is tremendously uplifting," says Anita Macfarlane, Food & Friends Program Director. "It's fantastic for kids to see members of our community coming out to lend a hand. It really lets them know they are important and also demonstrates to them the value of service."   

And to top it off, Cargill answered the call to assist our Fresh Food for Kids initiative, that has evolved into Food & Friends at Home and will be supporting children and youth through their transtion back to school. Our Fresh Food for Kids initiative worked to continue to support the needs of children and youth who rely on our Food & Friends student nutrition for food support. 

We are so grateful to Cargill for their ongoing support for our programs, and are pleased to recognize them in 2019 as a Visionary supporter. It's no wonder Cargill has been "helping the world thrive" for over 150 years!