Called upon to be resilient

March 24, 2020


“According to what we have been through the last couple of years, I have never thought that my son will have the chance to do a normal activity like other kids. I am so thankful that we are here in Canada to know exactly what humanity is.”

We are fortunate at the Children’s Foundation to receive so many heartwarming messages of appreciation from parents, like the one above from a Syrian refugee who had found a new home and a kind, supportive community in Guelph. This appreciation truly belongs to all the donors who respond to the needs of our community with love and compassion.

By providing children with opportunities to be nourished, to play, and to learn and grow their skills and capacities, we are equipping them with the tools they need to build a brighter future for themselves. Two of the qualities we see exemplified in many of the children we serve are resiliency and perseverance, which are needed now more than ever. From the youth who perseveres when learning a sport and playing on a team, to a scholarship recipient who overcomes significant adversities on their way to graduation, they can reflect on the strength and resiliency it took to achieve their goals.


“Often when I think back to when I was doing poorly, I would feel embarrassed and stupid. Applying for this scholarship award has helped me to see that going through what I have makes me special. It has strengthened me for future hardships that I will undoubtedly encounter in my life. Instead of looking back and feeling sad and ashamed, this scholarship lets me smile. It really makes me feel a sense of accomplishment and I am beyond grateful.”

Our programs also encourage engagement in the community, expanding young children’s experience with other kids as well as coaches, teachers, and adult role models. This engagement can lead to great things, as it did for one student in an alternative high school education program. 

Food and Friends

“The Alt. Ed. Program was a group of kids who were very disenfranchised - not connected to peers at the school. Having food was what lured them to class. Each morning, they would come in and eat some breakfast and soon it became a family. One girl in particular came to school every day and earned 15 credits in two semesters. She graduated with honours after having been out of school for three years working to support her family. Having food, community and a safe space at school made this happen. Her success started with breakfast.”

During this time of uncertainty with COVID-19, we are all called upon to be resilient, to rise above the adversity in the path ahead, and to work alongside each other for the well-being of our whole community. The spirit of generosity and compassion is shining brightly as together we meet the challenges ahead.