Bloom Where You Are Planted

May 23, 2018




Spring has finally arrived and everywhere things are blossoming. Flowers are emerging, birds are singing and the air is warm.

To blossom is to mature or develop in a promising or healthy way. We often talk of children blossoming if they are given the right opportunities to develop and flourish. Through your support of our four programs - Adopt-A-Family, Food & Friends, Free to Play and Scholarships - local children are able to develop the life skills that they will need to navigate their environment, work well with others, perform well, and achieve their goals.

As staff, we are so fortunate to see the blossoming of lives through the opportunities our supporters have provided. Below are a few of the success stories that you have helped to make possible.

The parent of a 10-year-old girl who participated in figure skating talked about how her daughter blossomed with confidence, learning the values of commitment and hard work:

 She started skating at age 3. She just finished her 8th season this year without any interruptions (thanks to the Free to Play program). Not just her skating skill improved the last two years, her very first solo at an annual skating carnival showed us that she's built her confidence in a very natural way. She recalled how long she has been skating the other day. And she was quite surprised at that "wow I did that". A few years ago, she told me that she was brave but she wasn't confident. My husband told her that confident is fulfilled by practicing. I think she got it.

 When visiting the Young Parents Education Program, a teacher shared a story about how our Food & Friends program has benefited one of their students who was pregnant:

 This girl lived with her single mother, who didn’t have the skills to prepare home-cooked meals for her family, so instead they ate out at fast-food restaurants every day. Thanks to Food & Friends, this young mom-to-be now snacks on fresh fruits, vegetables, cheese, and yogurt throughout each day. I’ve noticed a difference in her ability to focus on her school work, as well as support her baby with the healthy nutrients that he/she needs as well – so it’s a win-win for healthy eating!

 A Scholarship recipient had this to say about his experience maturing and developing as a University student:

 This scholarship brought tears to my eyes the day my guidance teacher had called me down to her office and told me she thought I was the perfect student. Grade twelve was a challenging year with academic and social struggles. This scholarship was the biggest pat on the back I could have received. I will be forever grateful as this is an affirmation of my hard work that makes me feel proud of myself.

I cannot believe I am almost done my first year of university. I am living in residence where I have made friends I will have for life including my amazing roommate. First semester was a big adjustment, with lots of hard work and fun too! Second semester I started an intramural sports team. I can see many improvements this semester from learning better study habits and writing skills. I have learned so much from my classes and from my peers as well. Thank you again

Spring is in the air. Where flowers bloom, so does hope.