An Unforgettable Sweet Experience at Camp

July 18, 2018


“I’m bored!”  It’s a familiar refrain of summer.  While parents and kids alike look forward to the more relaxed pace of summer, there comes that inevitable time when the lack of structure leads to kids who don’t know what to do with themselves.  All too often the devices come out and kids are sitting for too long in front of screens. 

Summer camps are an excellent opportunity for kids to power off their devices and have some fun in a different environment from home or school.  The benefits of summer camps are many.  Kids can make new friends and develop a sense of community with others who share the same interests.  They get to try new things which can help shape their identity and build confidence.  Camps also provide an excellent opportunity for increased physical activity that can help establish lifelong, healthy habits.  And for families that are new to Canada, camps can be another place for kids to practice their English skills and learn about their new community.

One Free to Play parent, new to Canada, writes:

 “My daughter and I enjoy the life in Guelph so much, and I feel so happy and lucky that we have such wonderful chance to live in such a super beautiful and harmonious city! The natural environment is so beautiful, anywhere is pretty scenery for us, no matter in summer or in winter, and people here are so nice and kind, so we enjoy here every day! So happy! However, my daughter's English is not good enough, and she wants to make more friends and join in more activities, so I think the summer camp is a good way to improve her English and make her happier.  I believe that my daughter will have a good time in the camps, which will be a great unforgettable and sweet experience for her and a great precious fortune in her life as she will have fun and make new friends during that time. Thank you for providing funds for us! We appreciate your help so much!”

The Guelph & Wellington County Vital Signs report notes that “income influences participation” and that families in our community who are living below the low-income measure are “four times more likely to say that cost is a barrier to participate” in recreation.

Thanks to our many generous supporters, Free to Play has been able to help 442 kids attend camps already this summer, taking them from bored to enthusiastic and engaged.

It’s not too late to send more!  Consider donating to Free to Play and let's help kids receive a life-changing, sweet and unforgettable camp experience!