Adopt-A-Family eases stress during a time of loss

January 20, 2020


Holding Hands at Christmas

Each of the 1,268 families helped this past Christmas through the Adopt-A-Family Program have their own unique stories of the hardships and challenges they face, the love they have for their children, and the hope they hold for a good and happy life for their family. 

One of the unique qualities of Adopt-A-Family is the partnership with social and community workers who help connect families to the program, even when they would not ask themselves for the help they might need. For one family this year, it was a community worker who saw their need and made sure Mom and Dad and their children would be supported during what was a very difficult year dealing with a cancer diagnosis. 

As is the case for far too many people dealing with cancer, the diagnosis brought it with it a great deal of stress, time spent in the hospital, and loss of income for the family. Sadly, after a year-long battle with cancer, the mother passed away just three days after Christmas.

This family’s referring worker let us know how thankful Dad was for the support at Christmas.

"Dad was incredibly grateful for the gifts from the donor. Because of the generous gifts he was able to spend time with Mom in her final moments instead of being out shopping or worrying about providing Christmas for their children. He did not want her to be alone. Mom unfortunately passed away on December 28th. Thank you for helping keep this family together and at her side during her final days."

This family’s story reminds us of how varied the hardships and needs can be for families. Facing such an unimaginable loss, and especially during the holiday season, makes us even more grateful that the support of our Adopt-A-Family donors could play even a small part in making their lives a bit easier at such a painful time.